Spooktober Playlist 2016

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spooktober-playlist-2016Photo via Visual hunt, Edited by Mwah

It’s AGhoulNamedEgypt (;)) and WELCOME TO SPOOKTOBER 2016, I’m soo happy that my laptop finally got fixed last week, I was really upset thinking I would miss out on Spooktober. It truly is one of my favourite times of the year to blog, I hope you will enjoy my “spooky” line-up and I do apologise if It seems a little off as I literally had to write-up my October blog schedule yesterday as again I really didn’t think my laptop would have been fixed by now BUT anyway I’m starting to ramble so without further ado here is my Spooktober Playlist 👻

Who doesn’t love Halloween music, I mean Christmas music usually gets the spotlight this time of year but Halloween music is one of the many reasons I love Halloween soo much ❀

 So I thought I would put together a little playlist of some of my favourite Halloween”y” songs for you guys to enjoy this freaky season, Some of these are classics, Some of these are not strictly “Halloween” music AND a few are simply wild cards thrown in 💀, As always I have linked the YouTube video to each song and if you want to listen to the playlist on Spotify you can follow me at Butt3rflyGam3r..( Yes that is my username, I was 10 when I made the account and now I can’t change the name 😅 ) or click here .

Spooktober Playlist 2016

Note : Some of these are a little explicit, well it is Halloween BUT just incase you aren’t comfortable with that I will put a bold next to any songs I think are too “graphic”, If I have missed an explicit song let me know below and I will edit it 😇

This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman

Haunted – Evanescence  – E

Little Ghost – The White Stripes

The Ghost Of You – My Chemical Romance

^ FYI there is a lot of MCR in this playlist BUT.. can you really blame me 💀^

Ghostbusters ( I’m Not Afraid ) – Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliot

Spooky Scary Skeletons

^ I have linked the “original” by The Living Tombstone but the one in my playlist isn’t the original, It’s just from some random kids Halloween album but I think its even better because it literally sounds like Bill Hader singing it 😂 ^

Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

^ Told ya 😝 ^

It Will Come Back – Hozier

Carousel – Melanie Martinez

Shia LaBeouf Live – Rob Cantor

^ meamae  😂 😂 😂 😂^

Blood – My Chemical Romance – E

Let’s Kill Tonight – Panic At The Disco

Demons – Imagine Dragons

A Wolf At The Door – Radiohead – E

^ Such an amazing song, Lately I have been loving Radiohead 😍 ^

Animal – Neon Trees

Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Dead! – My Chemical Romance – E

Zombie – The Cranberries

The Addams Family Theme

^ Quick Egypt Fact : When I was about 8 I rented out the whole series of this and would sing the theme song non-stop and I still love it soo much, So damn catchy “

Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance – E

 Sing My Angel Of Music – The Phantom of The Opera

^ My Mum’s favourite movie and one of mine too ^

American Beauty / American Psycho – Fall Out Boy

Mama – My Chemical Romance – E

^ I even had a hard time deciding to not include more MCR songs 😂 ^

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Show – E

Sweet Dreams ( Are Made Of These ) – Marilyn Manson – E

Have to have some Marilyn Manson in a Halloween playlist 👹 ^

To The End – My Chemical Romance

There you go guys, My Spooky Halloween Playlist for 2016, Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of posts because I really love making them ❀.

I’m still deciding what post to do next time, I’m in between a round-up post of what happened while I was gone OR a nail art post so make sure you follow me to read that post too 👻

Till Next Time


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