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Image from http://www.Canva.com and edited by myself. NOTE I now have an official blog email as follows – agirlnamedegypt@gmail.com though the above will still reach me

– Anything that I write about will be 100% my own words, opinions and views, I will always be honest about anything that I write/publish on my blog, I will only review/write about things that I personally want to share my opinion on / Would actually use and would surely  recommend to my readers.

– I will not be obliged to write a post about a product that I am sent unless previously confirmed via email or other form of direct contact.

– Anything I have been asked to write a review about will be clearly marked with an [*] sign next to the title/product name and I will include any links that you have provided, If I’m being sponsored for a post I will also clearly state so.

– I will not accept products / sponsorships from companies telling/requesting me to write a certain way/ say certain things – As I have said before my words & opinions will be 100% mine to share with my readers and I did created this blog to express my own creativity and views.

– No concrete-set deadlines will be in place when I collaborate with a brand/blogger or review a product. UNLESS – again – confirmed via email or other direct forms of contact. Just remember blogging is not my full-time job and I am still a teenage student with a life that can change-up situations at any time but I will try my hardest to be as swift and professionally as I can be.

– Any photos I use are either taken by / of myself or found via the copyright free search on Google, Pinterest , Bing or by various Copyright free image websites, If by chance I have used your photo and you would like me to take it down – Please feel free to contact me and I will remove it.

– If you would like me to use any photography / image that you provide I can do so and if you would like me to link it to something please state as I will not always link photos like above ^ unless I am notified that you would like me to.

Any other questions please check out my Contact Me page or my About Page or just use the form below 🙂


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