Harley Quinn Nail Art

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Suicide Squad Nail Art

Its AGhoulNamedEgypt and today I will be showing you how to re-create 2 Harley Quinn nail designs, Perfect for the many of you that will be going as Harley for Halloween this year, Now I actually did these designs when I went to watch Suicide Squad ( My insta photo with thoughts on the movie ) early in August BUT because my laptop broke I couldn’t get the post up …and can you friken believe it that after a week of having my laptop back…..it broke again 😱, I’m literally soo mad that I missed out on most of Spooktober as I just got it back AGAIN last week 😅, Hopefully it wont break again or ill have to figure out getting a different laptop ughh

Any who, Enough drama , Lets get into the post 😉

I will be showing you how to do a simple “jester” checkered nail design and a vibrant Suicide Squad inspired set🃏

Note : I usually list all the products I use at the start but I’m going to just see how it goes with just mentioning the product when I use it AND of course you don’t have to use the exact brand or even the same colour if you wish 😁, These are just what I had and chose to use ;-), I don’t know if I will always do it this way and if I forget to mention the name just let me know in the comments and I will reply to you with the name 🙂

Classic Harley Quinn Checkered Nails

Harley Quinn Nail Art

Starting off with a base coat, I’m using Sally Hansens 2 in 1, Apply 2-3 coats of a bright red polish, I’m using Fifth Avenue by Essie and leave to dry completely.

TIP : A trick I like for preparing striping tape is too cut out as many as you think you will need, More is better, and just stick one end onto a plate or bowl or such to make it easier than individually cutting them out with wet nails 😉

Harley Quinn Nail Art

Using the striping tape just apply across the nail and length wise like this and using black acrylic paint and a nail art brush fill in a square on each side like so, I like to use Acrylic paint for small nail art details as I find it doesn’t dry as fast, Its more opaque and just easier to work with compared to nail polish.

Remove your tape and you may want to fill in the squares a tensy bit more, Just so the squares slightly touch in the middle.

Harley Quinn Nail Art

On my pointer and ring finger I decided to go with a few diamonds to just break the pattern up a bit so using the black acrylic paint and a tensy dotting tool ( Or tooth pick, Bobby pin ect. ), Dot 4 dots in the shape of a small diamond in the lower corner of your nail and slowly fill in either using the dotting tool or a brush, Then repeat 2-3 more times to make diamonds in the shape of a bigger diamond, My nails were quite short so I just did one whole diamond and two half ones to make my design 🔷

Harley Quinn Nail Art

Once it is all dry you can add either a shiny top coat or a matte top coat ( I used Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat ) and your done!

Suicide Squad Inspired Harley & Mr J Nails

Suicide Squad Nail Art

For these nails I took inspiration from the posters and general look of Suicide Squad and their version of Harley and Joker, I wore these to watch the movie, I also wore a Harley shirt AND I even dyed my ombre half Pink, half Blue and did my eye makeup the same way, Even though people probably thought I was super weird and they movie didn’t  quite live up to my expectations it was still heaps of fun dressing up 😉

Start off with a base coat, Still using Sally Hansen 2 in 1, and once dry apply 1 coat of white polish ( I’m using a brand called Models Prefer which I think is an aussie/kiwi brand in the shade No Queen and its is probably the most opaque white I have owned ) Don’t worry about how neat this coat is as its only a base for our ombre colours to go on top of and make them more vibrant 🙂

Suicide Squad Nail Art

Once its dry apply your ombre using a makeup sponge and just dab it on the nail a few times, I’m doing white and almost neon green on the tip for most of my fingers ( Representing Mr. J ) and two accent nails of white and blue on my left hand and two accent nails of white and pastel pink on my right hand to correspond with Harley’s hair 🙂

Keep the layers thin and just gradually build up until you reach the opacity you want, It took 4 layers for me.

I’m still saving up for simply peel but another trick I use is just wrapping my fingers in tape 😅, It’s not perfect and you may have to reapply some tape and clean a lil at the end but its better than cleaning up your whole finger.

Now don’t worry if your ombre is not tidy as the look we are going for and that Suicide Squad is based on is very messy, almost grungy looking.

Suicide Squad Nail Art

I promise I’m not flipping the bird 😂

Once its fully dry, Apply a quick dry top coat ( Sally Hansen Big Shiny Topcoat ) and clean up if you have to, Once your topcoat is fully dry you can start to free-hand Joker’s “HAHAHA” onto your green ombre nails, Again I used acrylic paint and a very thin nail art brush and tbh it’s not perfect and it was super time-consuming and you don’t even want to see how my right hand turned out BUT in the end I liked the look of them :-), Also a plus of using acrylic paint over a topcoat is that you can just scratch it off or wipe of using a lil water and start over….Just don’t wash your hands before apply another topcoat to seal it in….I found that out the hard way..

On the blue and pink accent nails I just drew on a lil heart and diamond and once you have sealed it in with a thick coat of topcoat you are all done 🙂

Suicide Squad Nail Art

Now go and show puddin’ them nails 💅

That was my “Halloween-y” nail art tutorial, If you enjoyed this please give this post a like and I’m so sorry that I couldn’t get more spooky content out but, c’est la vie, Hopefully next year will be better.

OH and also while my laptop was gone my blog had its 2nd birthday!!, I can’t believe its been 2 years already, I’m very proud of my blog and I’m so appreciative of my readers as you really make it so worth while when you read, comment on and talk about my content :-), So thank you soo much and here’s to another year to come xoxo

P.S. I also finally changed my icon to a more recent, still kitty eared,  pic 😸


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