FML : Spooktober Story

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It’s AGhoulNamedEgypt and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!, I hope you all have a safe and happy halloween :-), Today I thought I would share a spooky true story that happened to me a few months ago, I was soo scared when it happened but luckily Im all good…..or am I?

Hush and Darkeness

So at the start of August my family and I watched this Horror / Thriller movie called Hush on Netflix just for something fun to do and it was actually a really good “not so scary” movie and it was just a good time ….. Fast forward to the late afternoon and my family were going out to a store for something and I, being the nerdy socialy anxious person I am, decided to stay home and play sims.

Now this was about 6pm and because it was winter it was already pretty dark, I for some reason just “felt” like I should lock the doors and grab a torch….and the baseball bat my mum keeps for securtiy 😅….then I went back to making an alien hybrid family on Sims for 15 minutes or so, When and I kid you NOT , The FREAKING lights went out and I’m not talking boom they went off ( Which still would of been scary ) but they freakin dimmed slowly off and then it was just darkness 😱 and soo freakin quiet.

To make matters worse this was exacatly what happened in the movie 😂

I leapt from my bed and shut my bedroom door and nearly had a heart attack 😅, I grabbed the torch and bat and I know i SHOULD have thought rationaly and been like ” Oh it must just have been a power cut, may as well just relax and wait till the lights go back on” BUT NOPE my brain decided to go into hyper drive and all I was thinking was ” IM DEAD!”, “SOMEONES SHUT OFF THE POWER AND THEY ARE GOING TO COME IN THE HOUSEAND IM DEAD” “Okay Egypt, You got a bat, you’ll be fine…… BUT WHAT IF THEY HAVE A CHAINSAW!!!😱😱 )

My dogs started barking at something (probably a cat) which didnt help.

Once I calmed down enough to relaise I had my phone right next to me and I had locked the door anyway, I decided to just call my Mum and let her know what was happing…….and she hung up 😱… ( Later she told me that she thought I was just ringing to ask for chocolate, Which I dont blame her for because I do that alot 😅 ), I decided to just text BUT my phone decided now was a great time to not pick up bars and my texts wouldnt send, I tried ringing my Nana who lives pretty close and, Now by this moment I felt like I was in a god damm movie, My phone LITERALLY said that her number didnt exisit!!, Wouldn’t even register.

To make things even worse my step-cousin who lives like down the road from me and is obsessed with Zombies kept texting me saying the zombie apocolaypse has started@!!

So I rang my Dad and finally someone picked up, I kinda verbally vomited everything and my Dad was like “What?” and got all worried and said that he would come and wait with me untill my mum got back and literally two seconds later ALL the lights come back on and I felt really dumb 😅

I texted my Dad and said that I would be fine, He didnt need to come anymore and my Mum texted that she would be home as fast as she could and I started to calm down ( Turns out it was a power surge because its winter and everyone was using too much power lol ).

So I felt all relived and went back to Sims ….. AND the freakin lights flickered on and off like literally FML, I quickly ran and grabbed my cat, Ran into my bedroom, closed the door and got into battle stance with my bat untill my mum came home ……  Turns out the power was out for like 5 minutes but It felt like hours 😅

In the end no mask wearing, machete welding maniac got into my house but I was still scared AF, Next time I will probably just go out with my mum 😝

So that was my frightenly true tale for Halloween, I hope you enjoyed and didnt get too spooked, Make sure to check out my other …two.. spooky posts Halloween Playlist & Harley Quinn Nail Art.


Till Next Time


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