Easy Broken Nail Fix!

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and last week ……. I BROKE MY NAIL 😱!!! After a quick fist shaking to the roof ✊, I decided to go to my beloved Pinterest in the hopes of finding a cure ;-), and after pinning 100 more pics of Gerard Way 😅 i found one that I liked.

What you will need




1.   If you are using a Tea Bag, Empty out all the tea.

2. Cut off all the edges so that you have 2 squares.

3. With Nail Scissors cut a tiny square just bigger then your split / break.


4. File your nail so that its completely flat and smooth.

5. Apply some super glue over your break then place the square “bandage” over and apply some more Super Glue, I found that using a cuticle stick to smooth over the super glue made it way easier. ( Note: Don’t worry if you are thinking im a crazy person for telling you to put SUPER GLUE on your nails ( you should have seen the look my dad gave me when I asked for Super Glue and he said what for? ……..My Nails……. 😓) as I did do RESERCH and found out that NAIL glue and Super Glue have the same active ingredients, Though I would have much prefered to use Nail Glue I couldn’t find it anywhere in my town so super glue had to do, But just a warning try your hardest to not get it on your skin like I did 😷…… )

6. Cut off any overlapping material.


7. File like a mad woman, until its completely flat and you can’t see the lift from your nail to “Bandage”

8. Optional : Apply a Nail strengthener like Avon, Nail Experts, Strong Results.

9. Apply a top coat and boom your done, You can now paint over your Nail and you wont be able to notice its broken at all 😉

That was my Quick Broken Nail Fix!, You may have to do this process once a week as if you play with it quite a bit it can come apart but I only had to do it a couple of times until my Nail had grown enough that I could just trim it and it wouldn’t hurt 💅

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx 😘



Holla at me ;-)

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