What have i been listening to recently?

Hey Guys

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Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I wanted to do something that’s more like chatting to you guys instead of just showing you how to do something 👍

So here’s what I have been listening to lately, As you guys may or may not know I can pretty much listen to EVERYTHING from Country to R’N’B but my Favourite genre is Pop-Punk 😎  and lately I have been listening to that a lot, So im just going to go on my Spotify ( which is butt3rflygam3r selfless plug there 😇) and find the last 5 things I listened to ( Btw I pretty much listen to music 50% of everyday so most of these I have listened to today as Music is very important to me 💗 )

5. Drones – Muse

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What im currently listing to as im writing this sentence is Muse’s New Album Drones for the 2nd time, Im currently listing to Mercy which I freaking love!

I really love Muse and I really really love their new Album, My top 3 songs from Drones are 1. Mercy, 2. Psycho and 3. Reapers which all come after each other ;-), I really like to listen to Muse while writing or getting ready in the morning as the Electronic sound it has really gets me pumped lol 💃


4. Hallelujah – Panic! at the disco

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Okay I have legit ( OMG did I just say legit 😤😥😧) literally listened to this song 4 times last night and 5 times this morning in a row 🙆, I love it soo much that I know it lyric by lyric and lets not get started on the music video that I slammed the like button on 🙈

I don’t know why but I just feeling like dancing like crazy to this song and if someone had walked past my door while I was listening to this and doing my hair this morning …….. yeah lets just say my comb did get lost in my hair and I looked like the joker with my lip stick ………

'' All you sinners stand up, Sing Hallelujah ( Hallelujah )

” All you sinners stand up, Sing Hallelujah ( Hallelujah ) “

 3.  5 – Ed Sheeran

Screenshot (10)

Apparently this ” Album” was released last year?, If so I don’t know how I missed it but im loving it now 😄

I haven’t listened to it completely as you can see it is over 2 hours long, But one day ….. One day ✊, Also Ed Sheeran is coming back to NZ in December which royally sucks as I wont be there :'(, He better come back when im older and have my own money lol 💰💲💵

2. Give ’em hell, Kid – My Chemical Romance


Lol this Album came out when I was 3!

Lol this Album came out when I was 3!

Like you guys know ( well you should, I talk about them a lot 😅 ) MCR is my Fav band and I usually listen to at least one of their songs everyday and the last song I listened to was Give ’em hell, Kid which I really love and like Hallelujah I usually end up dancing like this at the guitar part…….

Yeah I do 'do' this but this was mostly just an excuse to post a gif of The Doctor air guitar, Why ? Just take it in and you will know why ;).

I do ‘do’ this but this was mostly just an excuse to post a gif of The Doctor air guitaring , Why ? Just take it in and you will know why………..

1. In the end – Linkin Park

Screenshot (14)

Lol this album came out before I was even born, Though to be honest my parents listen to this “kind” of music and I do remember hearing most of the song’s I listen to now on the radio growing up so I probably liked these songs at 3 lol

My brother and I both like Linkin Park and we both Love this song and I remember when we were like 10 or so we used to stay up late listening to MTV classics yep….. we were / are the cool kids, If we had to sing karaoke ( which I would freak out before I did ) we would probably sing Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, Yep im painting a pretty peculiar picture of who I am which is very accurate ……( I don’t know how this got from Linkin Park to Rick Roll😅.. Just gonna stop rambling now ……)

So what have we learned today, I listen to a lot of music that doesn’t really go with other music I listen to ( did that sentence even make sense…..No no It didn’t 🙎🙏 ), You probably don’t want to see me dance…., I love geeky dance Gifs, If I was at a party I would probably sit in the corner, adopt the nearest pet and be just awkrawdly dancing like this ………………………………….


Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Feel Free to tell me what you have been listening to lately or if you genuinely like being Rick Rolled down in the comments section 😉 x

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