Mint Floral Nail Art

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today Im ( finally ) doing another Nail Art post 😉


The look I created today is for the ODM3 July Nail Art Challenge ;-), If you would like more info click the picture above.

I’m not doing all 31 days of nail art as I don’t really have heaps of spare time but I will be posting some on my Instagram and for some of my favourites like this one ill be posting a tutorial 😉

 What you will need


  • Mint Nail Polish ( I’m using Mint Mist by Maybelline Color Show )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using White by Factorie , Give this post a like if you know the struggles of finding the PERFECT white 😦 )
  • Gold Nail Polish / Striper ( I’m using Gold by L.A.COLOURS, Art Deco )
  • Top & Bottom Coat
  • Nail Dotting Tools


1. Start by applying a bottom coat and painting your nails like above.

2. Once dry using different sized dotting tools make flower shapes by dotting and slightly pulling out ( I found they were more like cloud shapes 😉 )

3. Finally add a small dot of gold in the center of all the flowers for some glitz, Once they are dry add a top coat and voila 😉

Tada that was my Mint Floral Nail Design for Day 10 of OMD3 💅

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

2 thoughts on “Mint Floral Nail Art

  1. Hi!
    love your blog!!!
    I read you gravatar profile, and found you were home schooled!!! I used to be home schooled before I started high school in yr 7, this september i will be in yr8.
    your blog is AMAZING!!!!


    • Hiya 😄
      Thank you soo much for your lovely comment 😸, Yep i am Homeschooled and im in year 9 – 10 I think ( Im 14 ) and I think i will stay Homeschooled throughout Highschool but probably through corespondance 😄.
      Lots of Love AGirlNamedEgypt xx
      P.S. I will check out your blog too 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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