DIY : Halloween Themed Mason Jars

Hey Walkers ( If you get this reference who else agrees that season 6’s Premier last week was soo good 👏!!! )


Its AGhoulNamedEgypt ( Okay enough with the Halloween Pun-Kins ;)🎃…….. I’ll just “Broom”out of here …….. Okay Okay I’ll stop 😂 ) and today I going to be showing you how to make 4 cool Mason Jar Designs that are perfect for Halloween ( I was originally going to be doing 5 designs but my printer wasn’t cooperating 😤😥😧 )

These are so easy and really cute for placing on Window sills, Table Centre Pieces any where you want to add a little spook 🐱👻

What You Will Need


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Various Sized Paint Brushes
  • Optional* Black Paint Pen ( This makes drawing on the designs so much easier and I found mine at our local DIY store )
  • An old rag or Painting Cloth ( To place Jars on while drying )
  • Various Clean Jars ( I pre-painted mine a couple of days before as im just going to be showing you how to do the actual faces and stuff but if you would like to learn how to do base coats here is a tutorial I did a while ago DIY : Distressed Mason Jars )
  • Pencil and Eraser


This is the easiest design and its so quick.

Start off with Two Jars Painted Orange ( I added a tad or yellow / ochre as it gave it a real “Pumpkiny🎃” look ) and both of their lids painted Green, You can use any sized jar but I had these super cute short round jars that I think work wonderfully 😍.


First Sketch on your Faces, I went for a really classic looking pumpkin first and then a Super kawaii one for the other jar✌

Then trace over your sketch with either a fine brush dipped in black paint or a Painter Pen like I used.

And your basically done, For the Kawaii Pumpkin I painted a little green curl coming from the lid to kinda look like it was one of the vines from a Pumpkin Plant 😜.


Scratch the above, THIS is the easiest design, Start off with jar painted white ( Again I really love the shape of my jar ) and Sketch out a face, I went for another classic BOOO face 👻.

Trace and fill in the face using either your Paint Marker or Paintbrush and boom your done 👍


This is one of my favourite Designs as it’s quite detailed. Start off with a Green jar, Mine was squared which worked perfectly, I flipped it over so the lid which I painted black would be like the start of his torso.

Again start off with your sketch, I filled in his hair first and used just Black acrylic paint as it was easier than filling in a large space.

Then I filled in the face and finally for the two bolts in his neck I painted some pen caps that were a good shape Black and Silver and just Hot Glued them on each side, But im sure you could use anything even real bolts 😁



HM10Last one, I started off with a black jar to kinda show through the white crepe paper a bit to look old, Then I cut up heaps of white / yellowed crepe paper into strips and ripped up a few.

Then just grab a strip of crepe paper and brush on white paint to act as glue and place it onto the jar in any way you want, I found that tapping the paper down with my finger so that it didn’t lie completely flat and cireally helped the “ancient” look, Continue doing this until the whole jar is covered 👍.


You can do two layers after the first is dry and then paint a little white paint over places as when it dries it gives it a cool texture.

Then I added on two googlely eyes and this part is optional, Painted over random bits with silver and gold paint to give it a more “Egyptian Pharoh” look, Then once that’s dry add on any face you want
😁😜😨😵😑😣:'(:evil:☺😟😆 Any of these faces would do.

Tada, Now you have heaps of quick and easy Halloween Decorations and the best part is that you can personalise these anyway you want to 🎃🐱👻👾👽👿💀

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. Like always if you recreate any of my crafts feel free to post them to social media using #agirlnamedegyptwhanau or send them to me using the form in my About Page as I would love to see them 🙂

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