Christmas Candy Cane Nail Art 🎅

Hey Guys

Candy Cane Nail Art

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and guess what?, Just as I was getting back into blogging and had planned a crap ton of Christmas posts…..Our town had a nearly 3 day power outage and I also had a pretty crap week as some douche decided to “predict” that a massive earthquake would hit my city and the top half of NZ…..(Which it clearly didn’t lol), So needless to say I didn’t manage to do any blogging .. and now its less then a week till Christmas 😑

I had some DIY’s and List Posts planned and I will have to upload them next year BUT I do have a pretty easy and really pretty nail art tutorial for you all!

I choose to do a improved version of my candy cane nail art from 2014 ( Cant believe I have been blogging for soo bloody long ) and I added some glittery accent nails to loosely match my Xmas dress 💃
Without furthur adu ….


💅 Matte & Shiny Quilted Nails 💅

Hey Guys

Quilted Nail Art 1

It’s AGirlNamedEgypt and I’m FINALLY back with a Nail Art Tutorial, I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted a Nail themed post which I’m really sorry about as I kinda started this blog as a way to show to my nail art and I really loved doing it, But over this past year I have just neglected a lot of things ( I did a small twitter rant here about it ) and didn’t really have time or the inspiration to do anything but slop on a coat of plain colour  BUT I am trying to get back into my life and really organise and keep on track of everything.

So, Today I’m going to be easing back into the Nail Art pool with super easy but eye-catching Matte & Shiny Quilted Nails Lets get into it 💅