Christmas Candy Cane Nail Art 🎅

Hey Guys

Candy Cane Nail Art

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and guess what?, Just as I was getting back into blogging and had planned a crap ton of Christmas posts…..Our town had a nearly 3 day power outage and I also had a pretty crap week as some douche decided to “predict” that a massive earthquake would hit my city and the top half of NZ…..(Which it clearly didn’t lol), So needless to say I didn’t manage to do any blogging .. and now its less then a week till Christmas 😑

I had some DIY’s and List Posts planned and I will have to upload them next year BUT I do have a pretty easy and really pretty nail art tutorial for you all!

I choose to do a improved version of my candy cane nail art from 2014 ( Cant believe I have been blogging for soo bloody long ) and I added some glittery accent nails to loosely match my Xmas dress 💃
Without furthur adu ….


Christmas Nail Art

Merry Christmas Guys !

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to be showing you a really cool “handful” of Christmas themed nail art perfect for Christmas time now this post is going to be a little longer as we are doing 10 different nail arts !

PicMonkey Collage

What you will need



  • Base coat & Top coat
  • Brown Nail Polish ( im using Milky Mocha by Polished London )
  • Red Nail Polish ( I’m using Tangtastic by Avon )
  • Red Glitter Nail Polish ( I’m using one that i dont know the brand name but it is called Dorothy 😉  )
  • Silver Nail Polish ( I’m using one from Avon )
  • Green Nail Polish ( im using Green from T.B.N )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using Pearl by Jordana )
  • Blue Nail Polish ( I’m using Blue from T.B.N)
  • White Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using White from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Green Glitter Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using Green Glitter from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Black Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using Black from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Orange Glitter Nail Polish Striper ( im using Orange Glitter by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Gold Nail Polish ( I’m using Gold by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Make-Up Application Sponge
  • Dotting Tool or use a bent out bobby pin 😉

Start off by using a nail protector or base coat on all your nails then paint fingers 1,2.5.7 and 9 white, Finger 3 Tan, Finger 8 Green and Fingers 4,6 and 10 Red, Use 2-3 coats for a bold color .

1: Rudolph the red-nosed Rein


For this Nail Tutorial please check out my last post Reindeer Nail Art.

2: Ombre Snowflakes



Apply Blue Nail polish and Silver Nail polish to a Make-up Sponge and Quickly Dab over the nail than once dry apply a top coat and using a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover clean up around your nail.

Using a White Nail Striper make an astrix shape on your nail and with a ” dotting tool” add a dot with white to the end of each line if your nail is big enough add another Snowflake and finish it all off with a top coat.

3 : Ging

SDC11921er Bread Man


Dip your ” dotting tool ”  into white nail polish and make two small dots for frosting than with your White Striper add a curvy line along the bottom of the nail for extra frosting then when your “frosting” is dry add a small red dot to your first frosting dot then a small green dot to your other frosting dot and finish with a top coat.

4 : Christmas Jumper/ Swea



Even though its Summer here in NZ I couldn’t resist this cute Christmas Jumper Pattern 😉

With your White nail Brush make 4 lines in the center of your nail in a diamond shape and fill it in, Then add a line below and above the diamond.  Under the line below the diamond add some zig zags and above the top line add some small dots and finally finish with a top coat.

5 : Christmas Tree



Using the Green nail polish Paint two lines to make a triangle on your nail then fill it in when its dry go over with a green glitter for sparkle and finish with a rhinestone for the topper or use a dotting tool in Gold and finish with a top coat.

6: Santa’s Suit



Add a white strip straight down the middle and with your dotting tool and white polish make dots on the tip of your nail and pull downwards to make a fluffy look.

Once they have dried add two black lines and fill them in for the belt then using a gold striper use stippling motions to make a square outline in the middle of the belt for a belt buckle and finish with a top coat.

7 : Candy Cane



Start with a red striper and make a thin line diagonal line at the top of the nail then leave a gap and make a thicker stripe then leave a gap and make a thin stripe and so on, Then finish with a top coat.

8: Close up of a Tree With Ornament



Add two gold diagonal lines on your nail to make the Tinsel then with a dotter add a few red dots then a few Blue dots once they are dry finish with top coat.

9 : Christmas Lights



Add a curvy line with your black striper for the cord then with heaps of different coloured stripers just dab the tip on the cord to make the lights and finish with a top coat.

10 : Present



And finally the last one!

Make a straight line with the gold striper just on the outer side of the middle of your nail and just above the end of your nail make a horizontal line then with a tooth pick or stripper make loops on each side of where the two lines met and two small diagonal lines below where the lines met to make a bow and finish with a top coat.

Tada finally Finished 🙂

Merry Christmas

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Reindeer Nail Art

Hey Guys

Reindeer Nail Art


Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to show you how to do some super cute Reindeer nail art with two glittery red-nosed Rudolph’s perfect for the Festive Season 🙂

What you will need


  • Brown Nail Polish ( I’m using Milky Mocha by Polished London )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using Soft White by Jordana )
  • Red Nail Polish ( I’m using Tangtastic by Avon )
  • Red Glitter Nail Polish ( I don’t know what Brand this Polish is from but it’s called Dorothy )
  • Black or Dark Brown Nail Art Brush ( I’m using Black Art Décor by L.A.COLORS )
  • Black Nail Polish ( I’m using Black by L.A.Girl )
  • Base Coat or Nail Protector

Start Off  By Painting all your nails White I did 2-3 coats depending on how opaque your white nail polish is you want it quite a strong white color.

1 With your Brown nail polish paint a medium-sized semi-circle on the tip of your nail and with the brush add two small dashes on the side of the semi-circle to make the ears and leave to dry.

With your Black nail art brush add two thin-ish Lines from the top of the semi-circle then add two small dashes on either side of both of the lines to create the antlers.

Using the Black nail art brush add two small ovals onto the semi-circle to make the eyes.

For Rudolph add a smaller Red Semi-Circle to Make Rudolph’s Nose, After its dried add your Red Glitter polish over the nose and finish with a Top Coat or Nail Protector and for the rest off your nails add a Smaller Black semi-circle and add your top coat.

Tada your finished and you now have some super cute Reindeer nails.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx