Christmas Candy Cane Nail Art 🎅

Hey Guys

Candy Cane Nail Art

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and guess what?, Just as I was getting back into blogging and had planned a crap ton of Christmas posts…..Our town had a nearly 3 day power outage and I also had a pretty crap week as some douche decided to “predict” that a massive earthquake would hit my city and the top half of NZ…..(Which it clearly didn’t lol), So needless to say I didn’t manage to do any blogging .. and now its less then a week till Christmas 😑

I had some DIY’s and List Posts planned and I will have to upload them next year BUT I do have a pretty easy and really pretty nail art tutorial for you all!

I choose to do a improved version of my candy cane nail art from 2014 ( Cant believe I have been blogging for soo bloody long ) and I added some glittery accent nails to loosely match my Xmas dress 💃

You will need :

Candy Cane Nail Art

  • Base Coat ( I’m using Sally Hansen’s Double Duty )
  • Red Nail Polish ( I used this small unbranded Red polish but I also really like Fifth Avenue by Essie, Which I’m going to have to buy again as its running out )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using No Angel by Models Prefer )
  • Red Glitter Nail Polish ( I’m using Getting Miss Piggy With It by O.P.I, I really like that there are different sized and coloured glitters in it )
  • Quick Dry Top Coat ( I’m using O.P.I’s Rapidry )
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Striping Tape and/or Normal Tape


Once your base coat is dry, Apply your Red polish to all your nails, I used 3 coats to get mine opaque but it depends on your polish. When that’s all dry paint on a layer of your quick dry topcoat to your thumb, middle and pinky finger as we will be applying nail tape next and it helps the tape not to peel of your polish when you take it off 😉

Candy Cane Nail Art

Well those nails are drying lets finish the accent nails, You may want to apply a nail barrier to protect your skin from getting polish on it..I don’t have one of those yet so I just use tape and it still works ok. Apply some of your glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dab onto the lower portion of your accent nails to create a glitter ombre. Once its dried ( Which wont take long as the sponge soaks up all the “polish” and just leaves slightly sticky opaque glitter ) apply a few layers of topcoat.

I also added a few dots of white polish but I didn’t like it in the end so its only optional 🙂

Candy Cane Nail Art

Back to the Candy Cane nails, Apply a few strips of tape to were you want the red to stay, I used tape of different thicknesses to give it more of a candy cane design and not just stripes, Make sure you push the tape down fully and apply a coat of white polish, Remove the tape straight away for a cleaner edge.

Candy Cane Nail Art

After they dry, Apply a final topcoat over everything 😎

I hope you enjoy recreating this super cute Christmas nail art!

Also let me know if you enjoy these detailed tutorials that I usually do or if you would prefer a simpler version as I’m always looking for ways to improve and grow my blog 🙂

Till Next Time


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