Christmas Q&A! 🎄

Hey Elves

Yes this was my last posts thumbnail but give meh a brake, It is Christmas

Yes this was my last posts thumbnail but give meh a brake, It is Christmas

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and long time no see 😅, If you follow me on any of my social medias ( Links in the side bar ) you would know that I have been extremely busy with my own personal life and having existential crisis’s about the fate of humanity ….ya know, the usual teenage dramas 👌

But now its time to get festive!

I asked my friends over on Instagram to ask me some festive ( and a few not so festive Q’s because they just couldn’t contain the inner fandom, The struggle is real ) questions, I also added in some that I found while searching the web that I just wanted to answer 🙂

1. Do You Open You Presents On Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

When I was younger we got to choose 1 present each ( my brother and I ) to open on Christmas Eve and we waited till Christmas Morning to open the rest, It wasnt allowed to be one of our “bigger” presents though.

We dont get presents from our parents anymore though, We usually get money so we can choose our own during the sales 💰

2. Which Hogwarts House Are You Least Like And Why? @ __joshuamiller

I’m a Ravenclaw but I do feel like I have traits of all the houses but I think I’m least like a Griffindor, I’m not that brave, I don’t always like to “live-in-the-moment” but then again I am quite Blunt, I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m prone to procrastination so im not quite sure 😅

3. If You Could Give One Present To Everyone In The World, What Would It Be? ( I hope I get promo ) @ __joshuamiller

Yes you got promo Joshua 😂, Hmm depends on if it can be ANYTHING, Because regardless of how “cliché” it is I would give everyone..Peace. Everyone would just be more understanding and not jump to complete destruction over something they don’t like.

4. Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions?

We have pretty much always spent Christmas afternoon with my Mums side of the family and for the last few years we have been going to my Dads for Christmas Morning where we make pancakes and give each other presents ( This year my Grandparents will be coming down to my Dads aswell ) and around noon we go back to my Mums, hang out there and usually my Mums family comes over to have dinner but this year we are having it at my Uncles house 🎄

5. What Tops Your Tree?

I think it has always been just a simple Star ⭐, We have a few different colours depending on our theme that year but this year we have put up a simple silver one :-), We do have a slight tradition with this aswell, The youngest has to put up the Star , My cat Tubby helped put it up this year 😉

6. Would You Rather Eat Gingerbread or Shortbread Untill Next Christmas? @ theperksofbeingizzi

Definitely Shortbread, I just really don’t like Gingerbread and to be honest Ginger in general 😅

7. Who Is Your OTP? @ shingekinophan

I have way too many but seeing as this show is on its last season right now – Klaroline, I don’t want to get into a big debate between “Steroline” “Shippers” so that’s all I’ll say ……’cough klarolineforendgame cough’

8. Which Do You Prefer, Giving or Reciving Gifts?

I of course love receiving gifts 🎁 but I prefer giving them, Sure it stresses me out and I like planning about 6 months before but I just love making people happy ( even if I worry that they didn’t actually like the gift and are just faking it…😅 )

9. Who Are You Most Like From Harry Potter?  @ natalliaanderson

A mix of Luna Lovegood and Hermione ….and a dash of Neville…. Just read more of my blog if you want to know why 😂

10. When Do You Put Up Your Tree And Take It Down?

I don’t know if it’s just a kiwi thing but apparently its good luck to put it up the 1st of December till the 31st so that’s what we usually do…Although the tree is sometimes still up at the beginning of February …. 🎄

Well there was my Christmas Q&A, I apologise if I have already answered some of these questions last year in my Christmas Tag post but I’m too lazy to go and check 😜

Feel free to use any of these questions to answer yourself and if you do leave your link in the comments so I can read them 🙂

Till Next Time


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