Goodbye June

Hey Guys

Goodbye June

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today im going to be sharing my (albeit late ) June favourites (Although they aren’t always strictly “things” I enjoyed but more of a review of the last month 😉 ) , Now wow was June a HUGE month for everyone, It was soo busy and hectic for me personally and unfortunately some very sad things happened in the world as well.

Today I’m going to be looking back on some of the happy things I did last month and hope that this month will bring more joy to the world.

 Heathens – TOP

I am sooooo excited for DC’s Suicide Squad to come out next month ( Even if I’m not fully sold on Deathstroke X Harley & Jared Leto as Joker, even though I love Jared as a musician I just dont like the “look” of the Joker) and it seems like they have been stringing us along with little tid bits for months now 😂 and this month they did not disappoint when they “leaked” the release of Twenty One Pilots freaking amazing new song Heathens and then with the again freaking amazing music video!

I reallly love TOP and this new song is just PERFECT for the movie, The first time I listened to it, before seeing the music video I could already picture it in the DC universe ❤

Here ^ is the music video if you haven’t watched it yet, which is pretty unlikely as it’s already hit over 36 M views since being released on the 21st of June!!

P.S. I’m not just a stereotypical alternative kid btw as I really love Sucker for Pain by too many artists to list ( 😂 ) too ;-), I’m complex, I have layers …. like an onion…..sorry …..I’ll just let myself out…

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Okay, Now I have talked about how I’m in love with Teen Wolf a little here, But can I just say AGAIN that it’s just sooo friken good!, I watched the first episode a while ago on Netflix and for some reason I just didn’t get into it BUT I was really bored of my usual Lost, Gossip Girl, Kimmy Schmidt ect. last month so I decided to re-watch it and see if it got better AND YOU BET YOU BOOTY THAT IT DID!!

I’m already on episode 6…. of season 5 😂, It’s just such an intriguing show. It’s got all my favourite elements in it, Supernatural themes, Mystery , tinsy bit of thriller and a truck load of comedy and awkrawd relatable characters ( I’m looking at you Stiles 😉 ).

Soo if you haven’t seen it, go watch it on Netflix before season 6 comes out in October and hey well you’re at it go watch the Original movie named Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox in it because he’s literally the 80’s Dylan O’brien 😉

Family Time

With all the scary things going on in the world I really love and treasure the time I can spend with my family and last month we actually went on quite a few exciting family outings ( Sometimes I swear I sound like an old British English teacher and then other times I’m just like “Wazzup I’m Trash Heap” ).

At the start of the month my mum and little brother and I went and played mini golf, which was super fun. Our mini golf place is really cute and filled with kiwiana ( stereotypical New Zealand things ) things in the courses, I sadly didn’t win…. though I’m pretty sure my mum cheated 😝

We also went to We Wrestle which is a family friendly wrestling show that a church in the town that I live in organise each year, It’s really fun and every year its sold out. It’s not strictly religious and I, myself am not really religious but its a whole lot of fun and my family have been going since I was about 10

Whats the Hatter with You – OPI

Whats The Hatter With You


I got this beautiful shade earlier this month as I couldn’t afford the Alice Through The Looking Glass pallet but I really wanted something from the whimsical collections that many brands are coming out with, So I set my sights on the amazing collection from OPI and I was originally going to go for a pastel colour from the collection but I literally have too many pastel shades that I decided to go for a darker autumny colour and I’m so happy I did.

This colour is sooo beautiful and I have already worn it soo many times this month and it’s definitely my go-to at the moment 😉 (I’m literally wearing i right now ) ,It’s again soo perfect for this time of year and it also perfectly matches my favourite cardigan that I wear like all the time.

I’m also planning on doing a review of this next month so stay tuned 😉

That was my Goodbye June post, only a quick post this month as I am a little late and tbh can’t really remember heaps from last month as it was a little bit of a blur 😂

Let me know in the comments your favourite moment from June 🙂

Till Next Time


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P.S. Each year the SPCA host a cupcake day where you can bake cupcakes and sell them to family and friends ( Which I will hopefully be doing again this year as last year I raised $190 🙂 ) and set up a fundraising page. The SPCA is such a worthy cause and help so many animals in need each year so it would mean so much to me if you could check out my page here and donate, Even $5 makes a huge difference in an animals life 💙 – AGirlNamedEgypt xoxo

Holla at me ;-)

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