L.A.Girl Haul & Review Pt. 2

Hey Guys

L.A.Girl Haul Part 2

It’s AGirlNamedEgypt and today I’m back with the 2nd installment of my L.A.Girl Haul & Review, Last time I reviewed and swatched all the lip products I got from L.A.Girl which you can read here and today I’m going to be reviewing the Eye Primer, Eye Liner and Eye Shadow Pallet.

*Just like last week this is not a sponsored post 😉

Eye Primer

L.A.Girl eye primer

I got the Pro HD Primer for $9.09 NZD, It comes in a nice tube package with a plastic lid, You just twist the package to get more product.

Its feels kind of like a crayon, kinda waxy. It’s just a lil bit lighter than my skin and I just apply it right on my lids then blend it out, either with my fingers ( I prefer using my fingers as the warmth makes it easy to blend ) or a makeup sponge.

Its pretty sticky and I personally think It does make a difference as it makes my eyeshadow look more opaque and they do “stick” on for a lot longer, I can apply my eyeshadow at like 8am and it’s still on at 10pm 👍

Eye Liner

L.A.Girl Fine Line Eyeliner

This is one of my favourite eye liners, L.A.Girl’s Mark My Eyes Liquid Eye Liner, I brought the fine line version and I believe they also have a thick one, I got this for $9.79 NZD.

It’s a felt tip eyeliner which I personally prefer as it just gives me more control and its a familiar feeling to hold.

The applicator is very fine (hence the name 😅 ) and tapered towards the tip, Its pretty easy to use and just draw on a wing or line or whatever you like although it takes a few times going over it to get it opaque if you’re not used to it.

When I want to which isn’t very often, I even use this to lightly fill in the arches of my eyebrows where its the sparest 🙂

It lasts pretty well, I have been able to apply it in the morning and still have it on around 9 at night, I have even cried at a sad movie and it stayed looking pretty good, Although if you do rub your eyes or it’s really hot out and your sweating a lot it will smudge.

All in all Its a really good beginners eyeliner as its pretty easy to use and to teach yourself how to do eyeliner but it’s definitely not as good of a eyeliner as my gel one from Rimmel, My Rimmel one is sooo opaque and stays on for ever although I find it way easier to apply a felt eyeliner then applying a gel one with a brush.

So again I would say to go with your personal preference.

Eyeshadow Pallet

L.A.Girl Nudes

This is the L.A.Girl Beauty Brick Pallet in the shade Nudes, I brought it for $9 but it retails usually for $14 NZD.

This pallet is reportedly a dupe for urban decay 2 pallet and I do think the colours are very similar, I love this pallet for my level of eyeshadow needs, but I usually don’t even wear eyeshadow.

It comes with 3 matte shades ( These are my most used shades as you can probably tell, I use the pinkish tone all over my lids, The darker tone in my crease and outer corner and sometimes a mix of both under my lower lashes and finally the white shade in my inner corner ),and 9 Shimmery shades, I don’t really like the shimmery shades as they are kinda crumbly and don’t have much colour pay off although they do apply slightly better if your brush is a little damp.

L.A.Girl Nudes

I have heard and personally think this is a little bit of a cheap quality eyeshadow as it isn’t EXTREMELY pigmented and it kinda “crumbles” but like I said above I think it’s a nice pallets for my personal needs.

I really like the matte shades and they last a long time for the price BUT I am really only using the matte shades so I don’t think I will really repurchase this and will be looking for a nice matte nude / neutral pallet next time so that I don’t waste them, If you have any recommendations for a pallet like this then let me know in the comments 😉


Yes, One of my iris’s is lighter than the other and it always has been, Just another one of the many quirks of AGirlNamedEgypt 😜

To finish off my L.A.Girl product review here is a complete makeup look that I wear regularly with these products 😉

That was my review of the rest of my L.A.Girl products, All in all I really like this Brand, They have some really good products and also some not so great products, REALLY cheap prices AND they are cruelty free which is a major  plus for me. I think if you’re a beginner at makeup then this brand would be great to try out and find your own makeup preferences without spending $25 + on an eyeliner like I have in the past 😅

So to sum it up, if you’re a beginner at makeup or just want a cheap option then definitely give L.A.Girl a try 😉

Till Next Time


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