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Hey Guys


It’s AGirlNamedEgypt and I have, yet again, bloggers block 😅. I have heaps of “ideas” for posts and I’m going to try to be SUPER creative this weekend to get my blogger brain working again but for today I wanted to do this little tag that I came across online as……. I was just really stuck for a post idea 😅

BUT I’m not just doing this to “fill” in the gap, I really like the idea of this tag and if you have seen my tumblr then you would know I’m a HUGE multi-fandom fangirl O(≧▽≦)O

1. First Person I Ever Obsessed About ?

Hmm, I do remember being obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson and her books when I was younger, They were a MAJOR part of my love for reading and of my childhood 🙂

2. Current Obsession ?

Teen Wolf

CURRENTLY at this moment I’m OBSESSED with Teen Wolf and Dylan O’Brien, I just started watching Teen Wolf over the holidays on Netflix and …. Yeah I’m on season 4 now 😅 AND DON’T get me started on Dylan O’Brien cause you will be here for awhile 😅 OH and Twenty One Pilots, I LOVE them.

3. Favourite Band/s ?

Okay now that I think about it this is going to be super hard because I’m super indecisive and have multiple favourites and you may as well grab a snack or something and prepare for rambling.

I have many favourite bands but my top 3 ( In order ) are Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco & My Chemical Romance 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜

4. Favourite Singer/s ?

Photo Credit to Youssra Fckn Way

Photo Credit to Youssra Fckn Way

Again probably the lead singers from my top 3 bands 😉 #SoEmo #JK #ButReallyTho 😅

5. Favourite YouTuber/s ?

Probably Dan & Phil ( I just can’t separate them lol ) then Shane Dawson, Markiplier , Jacksepticeye, Glam and Gore, Capndesdes, Dodie Clark, The rest of the “British Vlogger Group” and MANY many Many more 😜

6. First Concert ?

Sadly I’ve never been to one, Maybe kiddie ones when I was little but not “big” ones and even MORE sadly TOP are playing in Auckland the week before my birthday next year and I will probably be in Auckland the week after my birthday 😭

7. Favourite Movie/s ?


SOO many but again my top 3 are , Star Wars : The Force Awakens ( Just AMAZING ) , Back to the Future 1 ( The rest were good but the first is the best ) and Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 😉 👓

8. Favourite Actress/s & Actor/s ?

Actors : Dylan O’Brien,Daniel Sharman, Harrison Ford, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Johnny Depp, Paul Rudd, Michael Keaton, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki , Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and many more

Actresses : Daisy Ridley, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Arden Cho, Shelly Hennig, Karen Gillian, Helena Bonham Carter, Drew Barrymore, Emma Watson, Candice King and again many more ( I told you I’m really indecisive )

9. First Celebrity Crush ?

Probably Cole Sprouse from The Suit life of Zack & Cody because he was nerdy and awkrawd and I was born nerdy and awkrawd, Then I thought Ron Weasly ( Movies 1-3 ) was pretty adorable for a few years.

I’m not really like that nowadays through …..*cough*dylano’brien*cough* ….😅

10. Ever Got Made Fun Of Over Something I Liked?

I don’t think I have ever gotten made fun of as pretty much all of my friends share my interests but people have though it was weird that I really love movies and such from like 70’s ,80’s, 90’s and such and that I really love vintage things.

11. Favourite Book/ Series?


Skulduggery Pleasant ( 10/10 👌 ALWAYS )

12. Favourite TV Show?

At the moment, Teen Wolf but I love too many shows to list….. SO I’ll just list some  ;-), Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Lost, Kimmy Schmidt, Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Friends, 1000+ (▰˘◡˘▰)

13. Favourite Fictional Character?

I “relate” to and love a LOT of fictional characters but my favourite is again Skulduggery Pleasant, He is just the best, funniest, coolest character EVER ;-), I mean he is literally a walking, sarcastic skeleton in a trench coat… What more do you want in a character 😀

14. Something I love about a Fandom im in?

I love that Fandoms are so accepting and you can find people who love the same things you do


15. Something I Hate About A Fandom I’m In?

Now I don’t want to die from this, but one Pfandom in particular, Although I love it alot  I don’t like that It can be pretty hostile especially to people who just have different views on things .

16. Do I Ever Hide The Fact That I Like Something In Fear Of Being Teased?

Not really.

17. Have I Met Any Of My Idols?

…..No…. Nobody ever comes to NZ…. o(╥﹏╥)o

18. Do I Have Any Fandom Merch?

YEP, I want to get soooo much more but currently I have a replica necklace of the one Katherine wears from The Vampire Diaries and I have a necklace with the Ravenclaw Diadem on it as that’s my house ;-), I have a set of Marvel Pjays which I love and many Marvel & DC Shirts and Tights and many photos and stuff covering my walls and room from many fandoms ;-D

19. Favourite Fangirl Moment?

I don’t know if I have a “favourite” fangirl moment but I do remember when Panic’s, Death Of A Bachelor’s Music Video came out unexpectedly last Christmas that I FREAKED and listened to it NON-STOP on High for the whole day ≧◡≦.

20. List Your Fandoms?

Some of my Fandoms ;-)

Some of my Fandoms 😉

Jezzz…. I have way to many to list 😅, You’ll just have to check out my tumblr dedicated to my fandoms 😉 ( Nice Spon there Eg’ )

Well there was my version of the #AskTheFangirl Tag :-), I hope you liked it and if you’re a Fangirl or Fanboy feel free to do this tag yourself and link me below as I would love to hear from fellow fandom members 😉

Till Next Time


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