💄 L.A Girl Haul & Review Pt. 1💄

Hey Guys

L.A.Girl Haul

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I’m finally going to be writing up my review of the L.A.Girl products that I got for my birthday……back in March 😅😅, I got all these items from Love My Makeup which is an NZ based online shop they are also NZ’s biggest stockers of L.A.Girl. This is definitely not #Spon as I brought all of these for my birthday with my birthday money and just wanted to share my thoughts on them 😉


Lets start off with the lippies as they are ma fav 👌, I got all the Glosses and the Matte Flat’s for $9.09 NZD each again from Love My Makeup which I do highly recommend and talk more about here.

Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss’s


In order top – bottom
Rebel, Secret & Obsess

Obsess –

L.A.Girl Obsess

I didn’t wait long enough before I took this picture for the lipstick to go completely matte but trust me it does go matte 😉

I’m still not the best at the application part as this is the first “liquid” lipstick I have ever tried… Unless you count clear lip gloss from like age 5 😅

Obsess is a very cool toned, bright red (Though im not going to sit here and pretend that I actually know all about “tones” and stuff because I don’t apart from the things I have picked up from beauty vloggers 😋 ), I don’t know what happened but this is one of my least used lippies and my opinion on it has changed since buying it in early autumn, My notes  from then say that it is a perfect red, Not too bright – not too dark and perfect for all year around but trying it on again right now I definitely think It’s perfect for Spring or Summer as It is REALLY bright and almost a coral, I don’t know if the colour has changed some how or maybe its just because I’m used to dark colours and such for Autumn/Winter but I will try it out again in Spring and hopefully I fall back in love with it.

I do however love how quick this and the others dry to matte which is practically 15 seconds max, They all feel very “light” on your lips which I like as I hate having that cakey feeling from lipsticks.

Secret – 

L.A.Girl Secret

I am in LOVE with this colour and have been wearing it sooo much ( I’m actually wearing it right now 😉 ), The colour of this just reminds of Vampires and just dark beautiful red (FYI If you didn’t already know I love anything to do with Vampires and supernaturally things ≧◡≦  ), To me the formula at first was a little thinner then the rest and I kinda overdraw my lips a little and the application was a tad messy (But hey, Who cares I’m literally wearing my Marvel Pjay pants in the pics anyway lol ) But after a few uses pretty much all of these Matte Flat Finish Gloss’s thickened up a bit and got more opaque which I think Is due to them just getting mixed up a little more due to using them but i would suggest lining your lips with a similar colour as you can probably tell that it does come out a bit patchy in parts but mostly towards the center of your lips.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for a lovely autumny matte red AND I always end up getting Pretty Little Liars theme song stuck in my head when I read the name lol.

Rebel –

L.A.Girl Rebel

I really don’t know why this swatch turned out almost lilac ( ? ) compared to the package pics, I’m guessing lighting and as I’m pretty new to this makeup photography I probably took them wrong but it really is more of a deep plum colour 😅

I took a leap of faith with this shade as in short well… Its Purple…..well more like  a plummy purple but that’s pretty different to the Reds and Pinks I usually stick to …. But I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH, It’s just again so perfect for this time of year and weirdly enough looks more  “wear-able” then some of  the others, This one’s formula again is a little thin and it can come out a little patchy so you just have to be pretty careful with the application or use a matching liner.

Thoughts about the collection as a whole

All in all these lippies have a lot of good going for them; They dry super fast and very matte, I love how you don’t have to worry about them smudging because they literally only transfer the tiniest bit from the corners of your mouth , The applicator took awhile to get used to but after a few uses I definitely think its very easy to use and get a nice application with.    I really love the packaging as you can see the colour you’re getting through it and its matte black which I love – I also like that I can stand them up as that is what I do to store them AND the price is great for me 🙂 ( Even at full retail price it isn’t crazy )

There are a couple of tiny cons though, I don’t particularly like the smell as It kinda smells like playdoh lol but it’s not exactly off-putting, They don’t exactly last ages – I have managed to wear them through a meal but only if it’s not something messy or oily and drinks start to wear the middle of your lips off afterwhile, I think the longest I have gotten is 4-5 hours which isn’t too bad if I’m only going to be out for a while but whatever you do DONT apply a second layer to try to get more wear from it as it just goes all weird and flakey and you feel like you have to get it off which leads me to a tip I have 🙂

Tip : These lippes are actually quite hard to get off but I find that they come off super easily with a makeup wipe if you apply some lip balm ( I use a cheap potted one but make sure its a very thick, creamy one) alllll over and let it sit for a minute or two or while you remove the rest of your face and boom it comes off super easy,  Apply some of your fav balm afterward because as with all matte lipsticks these are drying though they aren’t too bad  🙂

Matte Flat Satin Finish

These are the matte “classic” lipsticks which are just your standard stick lipstick in a bullet ones.

I got two of these in the shades Bite Me Gossip, I REALLY love the packaging on these ones – They are again in a little matte black bullet with gold writing and on the bottom they have a little glass like end with the colour inside to show you what you’re getting.

They don’t last nearly as long as the Gloss’s but they are really easy to just re-apply and carry in your bag 🙂

I also LOVE the smell, It smells like vanilla and it’s oh so heavenly.

Bite Me –

L.A.Girl - Bite Me


I again chose this one to fit in with my Autumn makeup and if you didn’t get it from the name it is again very “Vampy”, Its pretty similar to Secret actually. Excuse the application as it’s a little shotty as again I wasnt used to applicator which is a kinda flat slanted top these lipsticks have but after having them for a while they are pretty easy to apply now.

These are pretty matte but unlike the gloss’s above they don’t “dry” so they can move round a little and I have smudged them around a bit before but I think if your were to wear this out for a day you could manage them all day as with these you CAN apply a 2nd layer or multiple throughout the day to extend the wear time and a plus I think is that they kinda stain your lips so even if they come off fully and you don’t want to re-apply this shade leaves your lips a nice subtle red .

Gossip – 

L.A.Girl - Gossip


I really like this shade to me its a beautiful red, Unlike what I thought Obsess as this one truly is not too bright and not too dark, I  think this one will be a perfect red for all year-long.

It showed up on camera ( I think my phone just isn’t the “best” camera lol ) a little pinker then it really is so just keep that in mind 😉

These are definitely a lot more moisturising then the glosses and come off a lot easier.

Yay that was my review of the lipsticks from L.A.Girl, I was planning on doing all the products I got at the same time but this post has turned out a little longer then planned so I will get part 2 up sometime next week 🙂

Let me know in the comments If you have tried any of these lippies and if so what is your favourite shade and you can also let me know of any other things you would like me to review 😉

Till Next Time


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P.S. I just checked this post out on my phone and it looks like all the photos are yellow toned? I really dont know why but they do appear perfect on laptop. So sorry guys 😯

Holla at me ;-)

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