Goodbye April

Hey Guys

Goodbye April

Base Photo via, Edited by me 🙂

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and AGAIN I can’t believe how this month has just zoomed past us and just like last month it was PACKED full of events from Births and Family Visits to School Holidays and Laxing out.

I almost don’t want this month to end as there is only one month left of Autumn and the leaves still havent fallen here 😕, hopefully soon they will as I would have loved to take my own picture for the thumbnail but alas I had to use one from VisualHunt (Which is actually quite brilliant 🙂 and No this is not spon 😜 )



Probably the biggest thing that happened this month was the (albeit unexpected) birth of my little half-brother Nyxon 🙂

I wrote up a post last week with more detail here if you would like to read but right now all is pretty good, My grandparents from my Dads side and my aunties have come down to visit and after spending a week in hospital ( Because my Step-mum had a cesarean and also has diabetes ) he seems to be settling into his home pretty well 🙂

If you want more updates then make sure to follow my socials which I will be linking at the end of the post 👌

Disney Music

This month I also rediscovered my love for all things Disney especially the music, There is just something so comforting about Disney music; With its mix of Emotions, Whimsy and Musical Theture-esque delivery I just can’t help singing along 🎶

I started this month off by watching Jon Cozart “Paint”‘s After Ever After parody on YouTube late one night and after hearing those familiar tunes I immediately searched them up and havent really stopped listening to the Disney playlist from Spotify ( Which I highly recommed😉 ) since then…😅

Left For Dead


My brother and mother brought this game earlier this month ( Yes my Mum does occasionally play video games, I mean where did ya think I got my gaming bug from 😉 ) and I decided to have a little go, We are a zombie obsessed generation after all ( I actually very much love “zombie” culture like The Walking Dead I’m just not that big on shooting games ).

Well after the shock of “Oh these don’t just wonder about aimlessly” 😅 It was really fun, I played two-player with my brother; Who of course was 100x better than me but all in all I would recommend it to anyone who loves Shooters or Zombies 🙂

New Lenses


This month while I was shopping online for mother’s day presents I came across these clip-on lens for smartphones, They were originally $30 but they were down to $10!! So I though why not grab some to help with my photography 🙂 and wow am I glad I did!!

This pack came with 4 lenses, A fish eye lens, A macro lens, A wide-angle lens and A kaleidoscope one, I really love how easy they are as you literally just clip them on AND you can even clip them on to the front facing camera 👌, I can’t wait to try them out for blog photos 😉

Erased & Mushi-shi

April Anime


Otaku time 🙂

This month I upgraded to Crunchyroll Premium and as you would think I have pretty much binged on Anime this school holidays, Two of my favourite Animes that I have watched this month were Erased & Mushi-shi.

I’m still currently watching Mushi-shi and first things first ITS BEAUTIFUL, If you check out any snaps of this Anime you will notice that the artwork is so amazing 😍, It’s a supernatural based anime but the major difference to most Animes is that Mushi-shi doesnt really have a set “main” plot, The episodes are pretty much all one-offs apart from them all having the main theme of “Mushi’s” ( Spirits ) and always having the main character Ginko who is kind of like the Sam & Dean of this world 😉 , I personally love it but due to the fact It doesn’t have a main storyline to keep you captivated Its more of a throw on when I just want to blob and not really focus 😅

Erased is I think one of the first Anime’s I have ever finished as it was only one season long and 12 episodes long. My brother and I finished it in about 3 days, Now It is quite new so I wont spoil it by saying too much but in my brothers words “It was strange and confusing but in the end it was really good and touching and I liked that all the characters were not just “Turtle Rolling” all the time “, Now I have no idea what “Turtle Rolling” is but that’s a pretty accurate synopsis 😂


I recently got a goodreads profile and at the same time joined The Girl Gang book club ( Which btw I think is a brilliant idea ), The chosen book to read this month was The Art of Being Normal, I joined pretty late into the month so I had a lot of reading to catch up on. I couldn’t find the book in any of the stores or library’s around me so even though I ALWAYS prefer paper books that I can actual hold I decided to buy the book online with my kindle account ( P.S. like a day after I brought it I went into a bookstore and they had just got it in lol ) , I’m not going to spoil anything and I’m also not completely finished with the book yet but I can say that is a really thought inducing story, Although I am fully comfortable with my own gender it was really insightful to be able to read about the troubles and pains of being transgender and to top it of, Being transgender as a teenager going through highschool in a quite close-minded community.

I want to write about a book review after I finish reading it completely so stay tuned for that sometime in the future 🙂

Well that was my April favourites :-), Let me know in the comments some of your favourite moments or things from April too 👍

Till Next Time


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