What I got for my 15th birthday! : Birthday Haul

Hey Guys

15th Birthday Haul

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I’m doing a birthday haul post! Now just a quick disclaimer that any of the brands I talk about have NOT sponsored me, They are all my own thoughts and also I’m not making this post to boast or brag I just really wanted to talk about some of the presents my lovely family got for me and to kinda “catalog” everything for future reference 🙂

Most of my family gave me cash money 💰💵 ( I’m a dork I know ) because I really wanted to be able to decided what to get ( And tbh my Dad’s not that good at picking makeup 😅 )

Nail Polish

15th Birthday Haul


I got most of these from an AMAZING online store based here in NZ called Smelly Cat ( shout out to all my fellow Friends fans ) which is primarily a perfume company hence the name but also stocks a huge amount of Nail Polish from quality brands like O.P.I, Essie & Sally Hansen and the prices are to die for 😍, I got about 10 different products ( The rest I got from pharmacys ect. ) for I think $60 which if I had brought normally in store would have cost $90+ 😀

Here is a list of all the polishes I brought  ( If you would like me to do a more in-depth review then just leave me a comment below saying so 😉 )

O.P.I – Gelato on My Mind

O.P.I mini – Chip Skip

O.P.I mini – Nail Envy, Nail Strengthener 

Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel – Geo-Mint-ric

Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel – Gel Top Coat

Sally Hansen – Big Matte Topcoat

Sally Hansen – Diamond strength base & top coat ( Would Not Recommend )

Sinful Colors – Cinderella

Sinful Colors – Tempest

Rimmel London – Rita Ora – Wild-er-ness

Rimmel London – Rita Ora – Peachella

Essie – Ignite the Night

Essie –  Style Cortel

Essie – Jump in My Jumpsuit

15th Birthday Haul

Here is a swatch ( 2 coats each ) of all my birthday polishes including what they look like with Sally’s Matte Top Coat over 😉



15th Birthday Haul


I also got  these items from another awesome NZ based online store called Love My Makeup and again the prices were amazing 😍, Now I know you might be thinking that surely these websites must be a scam or something but no these are all legit brands and stores ( Love My Makeup actually has a couple of instore’s set up in places like Wellington and Auckland ) and the products are pretty damn good, The reason they get them so cheap is because most of the products they stock are simply last seasons style, colours or just products that bigger stores couldn’t sell off 🙂 and to be honest the customer service from both of these shops have been way nicer and personalized than many bigger companies, Love My Makeup even put a little birthday card in my package which I loved 🙂

I wont be getting into too much details with my beauty products from L.A.Girl ( All the products I got are L.A.Girl as its one of my fav brands and because Love My Makeup is NZ’s biggest stocker of L.A.Girl but they do also sell many other brands like another of my favourites Rimmel London 😉 ) as I will hopefully be doing a little swatch / review post sometime in the coming weeks, So stay tuned but for now I will list what I got below 🙂

Matte Pigment Gloss – Obsess

Matte Pigment Gloss – Secret

Matte Pigment Gloss – Rebel ( These Matte Lippies are soo amazing )

Matte Flat Velvet Finish – Bite Me

Matte Flat Velvet Finish – Gossip

Pro Primer – Nude

Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Pallet – Nudes

Mark My Eyes FINE Liquid Eyeliner – Black ( My FAV liquid eyeliner 👌 )


15th Birthday Haul

Kitta Bomb 🙂

I also got this adorable pastel chevron bed sheet set and a mint pillow with an “Oh-so-Tumblr” quote on it 😉

15th Birthday Haul, The Sims 4 , The Sims, Child of Light

Eb Games was having a huge sale ( As again my birthday was on Easter weekend so there were LOADS of sales on 😜 ) So as I can’t push down my inner nerd, I got an expansion bundle for The Sims 4  which was a 2 for 1 deal so I  got The Sims 4 Official Game Guide too( My Mum & Brother both like The Sims so it was a good deal for all of us 🙂 ) and I also got the deluxe edition of Child Of Light for only $4!!! , Which btw is a beautiful game 😍

And lastly I brought my first kindle book The Art of Being NormalIt’s an amazing book and really eye-opening.

I might write-up a review once I’m finished so let me know if you’d like that down in the comments 🙂

Well that was my haul post from my 15th birthday :-), Again I didn’t write this to boast in any way I just wanted to share my thoughts on some things my awesome family got me and again because I LOVE writing and reading haul posts :-), If you would like to read about my 14th birthday haul then click here 😉

Have you tried any of the things I mentioned?, Leave me a comment about what you thought down below 🙂 ✌

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx


P.S. Again it seems the universe is finding ways to stop me from being productive 😅 BUT this time it’s a good distraction, My little half-brother decided to arrive a week early yesterday morning 😆, He and his Mum are all healthy but this weekend has been pretty hectic with rushing to and from the hospital 😂, I’m hoping to write-up a quick little post about him on Wednesday to share more but you can see a quick peek of the little fellow in the sidebar or on my instagram 😉 Xx

Holla at me ;-)

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