Goodbye March

Hey Guys

Goodbye March

It’s AGirlNamedEgypt and today its time again to reflect and say goodbye to another month gone by ( Hey that rhymed 😉 ), This will probably be another long post as March was and always is packed full & very hectic but hey I wont regret it when 10 years done the line I can look back on my childhood with the click of a button 😎……. well hopefully I wont regret it 😅…….


Lets start this post off with one of the biggest occasions this month – MY 15TH BIRTHDAY, That’s right yours truly is officially 15!……. though I’m still completely slightly (😅) afraid of the dark and I still very much love Spongebob 👌



I had an awesome birthday weekend ( As you may know my parents are divorced so that means I get TWO whole days of birthday spoiling 😜 ), I spent my actual birthday – Which was also Easter 😋 – at my house with my Mum, Nana, Little brother and my cousin. We went to my favourite park for lunch ( Cake 🎂 & Pizza 🍕 ). The weather was beautiful on my birthday which I was very happy about because my birthday is in Autumn and it is usually pouring down with rain 😒 so it made the day extra special ;D.

15th Collage

Afterwards we went home and I was soooo tired, (I usually get tired after “social” things 😴 ) So I jumped into my pjays and my Mum put our old tv in my room for the day so that my brother and I could watch the first three Harry Potter movies, Though we only got through 1 & 1/2.

I haven’t watched them in a couple of years and I don’t even know why but It was great and I FELT ALL THE FEELZ (Sidenote – I’m also just about to finish reading The Philosophers Stone for the 3rd time as I’m re-reading them before the newest book comes out 😉 , More about that in my last favourites here )

The next day my Dad picked me up and we hung out at his house then went to dinner and had MORE cake 😀

It was a very relaxed birthday which is just I wanted, I used to love having birthday “parties” when I was little but now I prefer more just “Hangy-outy” things and like going out to dinner :-), I will also hopefully be writing up a haul post on my birthday prezzies that will hopefully be coming out sometime this month “fingers crossed” but stay tuned 😉

Music – David Bowie & Nirvana

As different as these artist’s are ( That’s pretty much how conflicting my music taste is 😅 ) I have been listening to them both ALOT this month, I went on a full on Nirvana binge after I read Missamrunaway’s post where she talked about Nirvana songs and then for the last week or so I have been listening to David Bowies Life on Mars? & Space Oddity literally every SINGLE day 😂.

I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH, The first time I heard these songs this week I cried because the feels 😭 but then I started learning EVERY lyric and singing along to them and gosh they are soo amazing and soo touching and soo perfect, Gosh if you haven’t heard either of them before you definitely should open a tab right now and listen to them; No better yet ill just link you to them 😉

Interview with Confetti & Curves

One of the biggest things that happened with my blog this month was my “interview” on Karen’s blog Confetti & CurvesI was very lucky to be able to participate in her long-running series Behind the Blog and I’m quite pleased with the way my guest post turned out 😄

Though the journey to get this post up was low-key hectic 😅, So wayy back in September 2015 I was trying to contact Karen for about a week and nothing was happening so I commented on her blog and she said she didn’t receive anything, SO she tried emailing me….. Nothing…. so after about a week later of trying still nothing so I thought maybe it was my email, I made a new one and FINALLY we got in contact but THEN I went through a huge bloggers block period where I didn’t even know what to do, Where my blog was going or even if I wanted to keep on blogging 😱. Luckily I kept to it and a month or two later it passed and I finally ended up finishing the post and sending it back to Karen for finishing touches and then after nearly 7 months It finally went up 😄

I’m just soo happy and lucky that Karen was so patient and kind to me and I loved the experience

Feel free to read my Behind the Blog post here

Camping trip

Tirohunga 2016


Earlier this month my family and I went to our annual family camp, I love going there as it’s always so relaxing. We started going back there annually 3 years ago, My Nana and her siblings used to go when they were younger and so did my Mum and her and I really hope that I’m able to go with my children when I’m older 🙂

We have ALOT of family memories there and we even joke around that maybe one day we will be able to buy the camp grounds so that our family will always be able to go back and reminisce and honestly that would be my dream to be able to do so.

I love when our family gets together because even though we don’t see each other very often you can still tell by the little things everyone does that we are all related and also you always know there is going to be PLENTY of delicious food and PLENTY of leftovers 😋


So here’s to March.

You were pretty hectic weren’t ya 😉 but even though you stressed me out a lot you also brought a lot of amazing memories for many years to come, So until next year 🙂

– AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. I’m trying something new with like “signing” off to the month, I don’t know if it will be permanent but I just really liked the sound of it this month 😀


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