Goodbye February and Summer

Hey Guys

Please excuse my crappy editing today as I think I used up all my creativeness making my new Header and Pages 😅

Please excuse my crappy editing today as I think I used up all my creativeness making my new Header and Pages 😅

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and welcome back to another monthly favourites post, Can we just like stop time right now because bejeezes this year is going way to fast , It’s already been a quarter of 2016 and I still feel like I was baking apple pie for christmas last week ¯\(°_o)/¯.

Its already March and the start of Autumn and that means its MA BIRTHDAY in less than 27 days but to be honest with you guys I’m really not looking forward to growing up ≧☉_☉≦  ( Although I am looking forward to the fact that my birthday is on Easter Day this year so YEAH CHOCOLATE ), I mean I have always been a “mature” person but dude I’m going to be 15!! and I still feel like I want to curl up on my old Winnie the Poo sofa and watch Spongebob all day…. Does everyone feel like this?? Let me know in the comments how you feel about growing up?

BUT any who let’s get onto the post!


Sneak Peek 😋

Sneak Peek 😋

Okay so you may have read on my Wellington Trip Post that while I was in Napier I went to this awesome stationery shop called Typo….Well earlier this month I saw that they were having a Chinese new year sale and I brought a huge haul of gifts for my self ( With my own Money as I do work a couple of hours a week,………. Yess my schedule is pretty busy 😅 )

I got $60+ worth of awesome stuff and I will be writing a Haul post about it next month so stay tuned 🙂 ( Btw #Notspon #Wishitwas 😉 )

I have been using the coffee cup I got a little too much so I will have to cut back on it a bit, As it is equal to about two cups of coffee each time 😁


This is how my hair looks completely naturally after I have just washed it and yeah its pretty curly ;-)

This is how my hair looks completely naturally after I have just washed it and yeah its pretty curly 😉

I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, Nothing too drastic just an inch of the length off and I got my hairdresser to style it a bit better as I hadn’t been to the hairdressers for a long time It had kinda grown out pretty “Awkrawdly” and was starting to get all frizzy and just blah so I just got a re-fresh 💇

Oh and this was the first time I had gone to this certain Hairdressers and I have to say I will probably be sticking with them, It was such a cute little shop and it’s close to the beach so it has a nice view and It actually kind of looks like an old-revamped beach house, It was only $30 for my hair cut and they only took about half an hour which is really good as I have really thick hair so it usually takes and costs a lot and some people don’t really know how to cut thick hair but I asked for a hairdresser with experience in cutting thick hair I really love how it turned out 🙂

I’m actually going to be saving up to get them to professionally blonde my hair and prep it for my temporary lilac colour ( Probably around early spring this year ) , I have been ombre-ing my hair by myself and with my Mum for the last couple of years as the last time I went into a hairdresser’s to get my hair blonde was, I think my 12th birthday and they gave me a student hair dresser who kinda flopped it up and turned it orangey so yeah but I really like this place and hopefully it all works out 🙂

School – Crash Course – Internet Learning

So last month school started here in NZ and I know most of you will probably think I’m crazy but I’m really enjoying School this term 🙂.

I have been getting the chance to have more control over my curriculum this year as I am growing up and I have also been watching the holy Hank brothers creation Crash Course and its freaking amazing 😀, I have over the last couple years found it quite difficult to concentrate on a lot of things especially my school books ( I still do them but my Mum just has to help a little more to help me understand better ) but when I’m watching Crash Course I just feel like I’m actually taking in the information and its exciting the way they present the subjects, Yeah sometimes I still do get a little lost but the joy of YouTube is that I can just re-watch it however many times I need 🙂

Also with some subjects like Chemistry ( Which is one of my favourites ) it really helps because –And this is one of the downsides to being homeschooled – I can’t really just go to my schools lab and actually use the chemicals ect. but Crash Course is really awesome because it actually makes you feel like its interactive and lets not forget the brilliant nerdy jokes from Hank & John Green:-)

Also I have been using Khan Academy a lot lately along with Duolingo ( I got the app on my Nanas phone and she has been loving it, She is already wayy past my score for Spanish and I have been doing Spanish for over two terms 😂 ) for my Spanish and French and they have been helping and making it a lot faster and easier to learn with for my family 🙂


Snapchat – agurlnamedegypt

Don't mind the "coverup" of my half blinking eye 😅

Don’t mind the “coverup” of my half blinking eye 😅

Okay so I swore I wasn’t going to get Snapchat as I didn’t want to get lost in all these social media … But alas I caved… At first I didn’t know how to use it so I actually deleted it THEN I saw that you could do the cute green-eyed cat filter from Missamrunaway and I quickly re-installed it and have been addicted to the filters since then 🙂

Other than that I don’t use it too much except to send weird faces to my friends that probably think i’m major noob :p but I have added it to my Social Media timer just incase because lately I have really been hating the way I and a lot of people nowadays are so dependent on their phones….



I recently went to the Horse Races and had a picnic with my family  and as we had finished lunch quite quickly the race hadn’t started so without even just sitting there for 5 seconds and just enjoying that we can just sit outside and just worry about nothing – what do I do, subconsciously just pull out my phone and refresh twitter 5 times in a row without anything actually changing on the app I still continued to just do it, I FINALLY looked up and noticed that my Dad had pulled out his phone and had started watching cricket 😟 then I looked around at the rest of the people sitting down and noticed that literally everyone was looking down at their phones and were completely ignoring the beautiful butterflies that were flying by or the fact that we are lucky enough to have trees to sit under for shelter the only one that wasn’t on their phone was a small toddler who actually looked like she was having the time of her life just chasing after a bug and that’s kinda sad.

Even though like I said above that technology is amazing and can help a lot of people and I’m not saying “Go throw your laptop out the window and leave all technology and flock into the woods  ” or else I wouldn’t be sitting her writing this blog post on my laptop – I’m just saying that maybe we shouldn’t let technology overtake our lives, Maybe if you’re going on a picnic just put your phone away and even if it feels awkrawd or boring to just sit there and do nothing maybe just take advantage of the fact that you can just sit under a tree and take in nature and actually spendquality time with the people you care about and who care about you 🙂


Okay I don’t exactly know where ^ that came from 😅 but I just felt like I needed to rant, Hey leave your views in the comments below if you would like because I would love to read about your views on technology too  🙂





So if like me – You’re a Harry Potter fan you would have heard that J.K Rowling is bringing out a new Harry Potter book *shriek*, I heard about The Cursed Child a couple of months ago and I was really devastated when they announced it was just going to be a play ….BUT J.K! ( See what I did there …. J.K. …..jk…….. Yeah…… someone needs to take away my internet access …….. 😅 ) it has been announced that it will become a book !

The book of The Cursed Child comes out on Midnight July the 31st ( Which is also Harry’s birthday ) and you bet your golden snitch I will be saving up untill then!

My New Header and Pages!

Last but not least, A major change to my blog……. MY NEW HEADER!!!

I finally found some time to design and edit up my own header and with help from you guys from my twitter and insta fam – I have decided on the above design 🙂  ( I will probably change the hue of the arrow depending on which background I’m using but that is pretty much it 🙂

Oh and I now have a Contact Me page and a Disclaimer page !

AGirlNamedEgypt is getting real profesh now 😉 ( AND we are like 3 followers away from 100 wordpress readers :p )

So that was my February favourites, I hope you enjoyed and I hope the above statements weren’t too controversial but hey my blog is here for me to express myself and voice my views and to discuss them with you guys, So please leave any thoughts in the comments 🙂

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

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