Blogging and Personal Issues

Hey Guys

Its Egypt here and lately I have been feeling a little flat, I dont really know how to explain it but I feel like my blog has kinda lost its personal touch.

You may have not noticed it as the last couple of posts were pre written a while back then scheduald
I dont know if its just me being paranoid but I feel a little out of touch with my blog and my social medias and frankly everything,  Its like im going through the motions but not actually “living” through them.

I have almost fallen out of love with a lot of things that I LOVE doing, Reading has become quite hard lately and even music which is a HUGE part of my life.

When ever it is time to write out my posts or do extra school things or just “work”- I feel soo un-motivated like I just want to lie there and do nothing but then if I give in and just lay there even for a minute I feel Lazy or Useless or even that I dont have a future.

I guess it could have something to do with my personal life as a lot and I mean ALOT of Huge things have been going on and Im kinda stuggeling with how to deal with them so I kinda feel it taking a toll on all the things that I enjoy doing , Like this blog which is my haven.

Now I NEVER want to leave this blog or finish being on the internet but something has to change, I need to make this blog more an exteneded part of me and more personal instead of a recipe / craft website that feels void of emotion, I need to start enjoying the little things in life instead of wondering about what will happen “if” or “when”.
I need to find a way to happy and keep going.

want to make this blog an “upgraded” version of itself, I still want to do my regular stuff but I want to add in more chatty posts, weekend blogs, Day to day ramblings, I want to TALK more about my problems instead of keeping them quiet but Im scared that if i change things It will get ruined.

For over the last year whenever things have gone wrong in my life I could always pull up my blog and look at the photos or posts or comments that where so happy and amazing and things that I was proud of and feel better and I just dont want that to end.

I dont want to lose you guys because frankly you are some of the best friends
I have ever had.

I dont even know if this post makes sense as it is kinda a ramble that just poured out of my finger tips but Im going to post it because I need want to.

I really hope you guys dont think im a downer or make you upset as thats the last thing I want my Blog to do 😯

I will keep you guys updated and Blogmas is starting on wendsday and hopefully a month of festivitys will cheer me up :).

As always
Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xxo

I love you xx

5 thoughts on “Blogging and Personal Issues

  1. ohh, it won’t tuin your blog, it will make it more better then it already is!! I love every bit of your blog!! And it was the first blog I found out about, and your blog was the one that inspred me to start blogging!!! I will never leave your blog, and always stick by yiou!!otherwise what are friends for??
    bye friendie

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