First Ever Q & A !

Hey Guys

Q & A

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I’m doing my first ever Q&A !!! ( Wow never thought I would ever say type that (*0*) )

So a while ago I asked my Instagram fam for some Questions so I can … um…well answer them 😂, So here we go.

Who are some of your inspirations?


Hmm, Dan Howell , Phil Lester, Felix Kjellberg, Mark Fischbach, Zoe Sugg, Marzia Bisognin to name just a few ^ ( For those that don’t know, They are YouTubers 😄 ) as not all of them have had the easiest starts in life but they still stayed strong and carried on and made their life better.  They didn’t just wait for someone to help them or just go and do something that made them unhappy just to “fit” in, They went and did what made them happy even though some people didn’t think it would work because it wasn’t “mainstream”and I think that’s very inspirational 😁

And even though I know I don’t “know” them personally I feel like they are always there for me and at times where I hated everything and felt down they always ( and continue to ) made me smile, laugh and look forward 😀

Describe yourself in 3 words ?

I couldn’t figure this one out by myself so I asked my brother for help and he said ” Funny, Weird and Creative, In a good way ” 😅, So thank you bro bro


Favourite time of year?

Season – Spring or Autumn, I don’t really like Summer or Winter as much as they are more of “extremes” and Spring and Autumn are nice and soft and mixed in with the other seasons 🌹🌈⛅🌇

Holiday – Halloween or Christmas 🎃🎄

What is it like being homeschooled and who homeschool’s you?

My brother and I live with our Mum so she officially homeschools us but due to my age I can kinda chose subjects and stuff that I want to do and teach my self a lot of things too.

It’s diffrent for everyone but I personally  think Homeschooling was the best decision for myself as I don’t do well with large, loud groups of people and I focus better with 1 on 1 learning or by myself and the fact that I get the opportunity to learn more “Life” skills through everyday things like Cooking, “Grocery Shopping, Cleaning up after myself ( Which I don’t do very well 😂 ) plus all the crafts that you guys know I do. Some people may find that boring but I enjoy it and not to brag I have become quite a good Cook 👍🍰🍯🍮🍕🍟🍔

( I once met a 15-year-old who didn’t even know how to make her bed or cook packet “2 minute ” noodles and Im pretty happy that I know how to do both of those things )

I have to admit that Homeschool is slightly easier than public school ( or so my friends say as I have NEVER been to public school so I wouldn’t personaly know) but it does have difficult things to do to, Like having to keep yourself motivated (  Which I struggle with as I am queen at procrastinating ) and having to keep your self busy or finding new things to do so you don’t get bored but All in all it’s not that different from Public School and for me it is the best choice as I can take as much time as I need and go at my own pace and not be criticised for little things that don’t really matter.

Are you on Twitter ?

Yes @girlnamedegypt or click on the icon in the sidebar and you can even read my tweets there in the sidebar too, Without even leaving my blog ✌

How long have you been doing nail art?

Probably 3-4 years, I have always loved painting my nails and used to get my Mum to paint mine when I was younger all the time and then when I was around 9 ( ? ) I got these Nail Art Pens and Actually got my Dad to do little designs on them a couple of times as he is really good at drawing and stuff and it just spiralled from there.

Below are a couple of really old nail designs and please pardon the cringey “Claw” pose I was fond of and thought looked SO “pro” 😷

2013-12-16 11.33.26

2013 Christmas Nails

2014-03-17 11.08.13

St Paddy’s Day

2014-03-26 15.05.53

13th Birthday Nails, Candles, Cherry Blossoms and Cupcakes (*0*)

2014-08-25 15.36.13

“Pika, Pika “

I haven’t been doing many Quirky or Themed Nails as I have been really busy but I will get back into them in the new year when I “fingers crossed” have some new polishes and tools to play with 😉

What Fandoms are you in?

Okay lets not open up this can of worms too much, So ill just list a few to avoid Fangirl Rambling.

P.S. I apologise if I don’t use the actual Fandom Names for all of these

  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Originals
  • The Walking Dead
  • Harry Potter
  • Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Soo many Youtube ones
  • 5 Sos
  • MCR
  • FOB
  • Panic!
  • Doctor Who
  • and a billlion more

If you want to see even more of my Fandom love then check out my Pinterest where I pin soo much trash or my Tumblr blog AFangirlNamedEgypt which is dedicated to my many Fandoms ..

Favourite cereal ?

Coco Pops and Sliced Bananas, Although now that I know I’m mildly allergic to dairy  I cant have milk with it and I haven’t tried it with Soy milk but I really love soy milk so it might make it even better 😅

So that was my first ever Q & A, I hoped you enjoyed and Thank you to everyone who asked me a question 😙

Give this post a like if you want to see more Q and A’s but I definitely want to do this again.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. I also have a question for YOU, I’ like most people do monthly favourites but for the new year I really want to make them more personal and kind of a monthly chat with you guys, But I also want a really cute, catchy name for said monthly Favourites \ Chatty post, If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments below as it will help me out a lot 😚 xx


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