I Got Tumblr 🎉

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and yes I have fallen into the depths of internet trash and created not ONE but TWO Tumblr blogs just like the above picture, I have created…


AGirlNamedEgypt – Where you will find a Visual version of my Heaven 😇 for example 

tumblr_nxva41Cf181ugp61po1_500            tumblr_nxw5ykTLbJ1um1a3ko1_540        Beautiful photography 📷🌈🌇


tumblr_nue25yVPSx1rcjq6vo1_540      Food Hentai “Photography” 😶

and Cliched “Inspirational” Quotes 😌









On the Other Hand there is ..


AFangirlNamedEgypt ( Yass, I am proud of that one ) – Where I am Literal Fandom Trash 💩 ( Why is there no Trash emoji? Ugg it will have to do )

You will find



Literally Me

General Geekiness 👓 and Multiple Gifs


Supernatural 4 Lif


And Musical Lolz 🎶

tumblr_nxn3skgYgx1u1fjvgo1_500 tumblr_nxjv2aHvir1uexsnso1_400


Okay this Post was so Trash ( I have said Trash too many times this post, I PROMISE you I don’t talk like this ( All the time) in real life 😅 )

Any ( Gerard 😂😂) Way, If you would like you can follow me at AGirlNamedEgypt or AFangirlNamedEgypt or Both 🙂

I hope you enjoyed 😄

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx





Holla at me ;-)

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