Jack Skellington Clay Charm Tutorial

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today for the last post of Jack Skellington week I will be showing you how to make these Jack Skellington “Inspired ( I say Inspired as they aren’t exact copies of Jack as some of the details I choose to change )” clay charms 💀.

Now I have to make like twenty of these ( And also the little Zero’s that are pictured ) as this year my family is doing a black and white / “gothic” Christmas 🎄💀❤ and they want these to go on the tree but you can make however many you like and they are perfect for necklaces which I also have made 😄.

What you will need

Jack 1

  • White Polymer Clay ( I’m using Du-kit for all my clay )
  • Translucent Polymer Clay
  • Black Polymer Clay
  • Rolling Pin ( Acrylic ones work best but im just using a small metal one )
  • Craft Knife or Craft Scalpel ( I’m sure you know already but be careful when using sharp knives, especially if you’re a beginner at clay crafts )
  • Dotting tool ( preferably a large ended one and a small ended one )
  • Wire
  • Cutting Board or Mat ( I actually use the glass from inside an old picture frame 😉 )

Start off by mixing around 75% White to 25% Translucent clay to make a “Bone” colour. ( The Translucent also makes the clay a lot softer and easier to work with )

Jack 3

Then form the clay into a ball that is around 15 mm tall and 20 mm long ( But it depends on your size preference ) and gently push down on the top a little so the back is flattened a little ( Which will make it easier to wear as like a necklace charm ) and with your dotting tool “Carve” out the eye holes and mark where the mouth and nose will go.

Grab two tiny little balls of Black Clay and pop them into each eye-hole ( Yeah 😓, That sentence did just sound as gross as I thought it would 😝) and using the Dotting tool flatten and smooth the black clay until it thinly coats the hole you made.

Jack 4

Cut of two tiny little flecks of black clay for the nose and roll out a very thin “snake” of black clay and place to create the mouth, Then roll out the clay into a thinner “snake” and cut small strips of to create “Stitches” for the mouth and apply , You don’t have to be precise with these if you don’t want as I overlapped a couple and crossed some. ( Jack doesn’t originally have “Stitches” but more of slits above and below his mouth but I decided to do it this way, If you want you can just use your craft knife and make a few slits )


Now you can either bake your charm now or you can, Like I, Create his bow tie and here’s how…

Roll out a medium – thick piece of Black Clay and cut out a bow tie shape like below ( Its really just 3 points on each side and quite thin in the middle ) , It doesn’t have to be perfect as I made small changes to all of mine to bring variety.

Jack 5

Then cut out a small basic cat face shape and place in the middle of the bow tie.

Add two small white circles for eyes and if you want score a couple of lines into the bow tie to make the effect of his stripes ( Or after its baked you can paint on some white stripes with white nail polish or Acrylic paint ).

Now cut a piece of wire a little longer the your charm and bow tie and with some wire pliers make a little loop so that you can thread it for making a necklace etc., Push the wire the whole way through until the loop touches the top of the head and push the little bow tie onto the bottom of the Skull and onto the wire, Cut off any excess wire after baking. ( A tip to make sure the bow tie stays onto the skull is to make sure some of it is touching the skull so when it bakes it forges together or apply some super glue to the wire before you push it through the whole charm and bow tie )

J 10

Now just bake according to your clay and you have a Jack Skellington Clay miniature or Charm, I added a little silver string so that I can hang it up on my tree 😄👍

I hope you enjoyed my Jack Skellington week as he is one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite movies, Nightmare Before Christmas 💀❤❤.

I will have 2-3 more posts over the next week and a half then sadly 😥 Spooktober will be finished for this year but don’t worry I have heaps of posts set up for November and then its festive time already 😅😂

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx 😘

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