Lets Get Spooky

Hey Ghouls ( See what I did there 😉 👻 )


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today is the first post of Spooktober 👻👽👿💀🎃, So to ease us into this month of thrills I’m going to be sharing with you some things I love to get you in the haunting spirit 😄

RPG Horror Makers

I LOVE RPG games especially Horror ones, RPG Makers are essentially an 8 bit looking game that has “mini quests / tasks” they also usually have decisions with your choices affecting the ending and usually have a very dark or meaning-full storyline.
I prefer to watch Lets Plays rather than play them myself as I would probably die from some of the frights while playing alone 😂
Below are some of my Favourite RPG Maker Playthroughs


Corpse Party Pewdiepie, This is a very Scary ( and kinda scaring but it is perfect for Older Teenagers for Halloween ) Japanese RPG Horror about a group of Highschool Students who get sent to a Haunted other dimension of their School. ( But yes be warned this is quite a Gory, Disturbing game but Pewdiepie’s commentary does lighting it a bit ⚠ )
Ib – Pewdiepie , This is a less scarier RPG then above but still quite chilling, Ib is a little girl who visits an Art Gallery and gets Transported to a strange dream like world.

Mermaid Swamp – Laurenzside
This was one of the first RPG Makers I watched and its is really creepy, A group of friends get stranded after the car mysteriously stops end up walking to an Old mans Cottage where everything is not what it seems 👿.

Books 📚

Your Imagination is way scarier than watching something already made, So fuel it with these frightening books ( Who else just though I sounded like a bookstore ad 😉 )
Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling. Who doesn’t love Magic and Harry Potter and if you have read these before …..Re-Read them, I am 😄.
Skulduggery Pleasant – Derek Landy. This is one of my Favourite Series, I’m currently Re-Reading this too 😅, I love how in the first chapter it already gets you on the edge of your seat ( or bed 😂 ) , The best part though is that Derek Landy companies the Scary parts perfectly with Humor so good that I cry with Laughter.
Invisible Fiends – Barry Hutchinson. This book series was so Scary, possibly the scariest I have ever read, A young Boy has the power to see Imaginary Friends that have been forgotten and are vengeful gets taken on an awful adventure full of sadness and death,… Well just take a look at one of the covers and yeah….

Yeah.... Creepy little girl dolls....They aren't my thing .....

Yeah…. Creepy little girl dolls….They aren’t my thing …..



Victorious – Panic at The Disco. This is Panic’s newest song and although it’s not based on Halloween, I find it very “Halloweeny “like this lyric,

Double bubble disco queen headed to the guillotine
Skin as cool as Steve McQueen, let me be your killer king

Though it is one of my favourite songs by far now 😉

Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack and Revised Version. I love this Movie, Jack Skellington, Tim Burton , EVERYTHING . The orginal songs are so good but I really love the Revised version where they got popular singers/bands to cover the songs, I really love Fall out boys ‘Whats This? ‘( , That’s my favourite version with Amazingphil ), Marilyn Mansons ‘This is Halloween’ and even KORN’s ‘Kidnap the Sandy Claws’

Spooky Scary Skeletons – The Living Tombstone  : Now this is just Halloween Basics , You cannot celebrate Halloween the “Internet” way without listening to it, Personally this version is my favourite

There we go guys the first post of Spooktober

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave what gets you in the spooky mood in the comments below ( And not in a creepy way 😉 )

Till next time AGirlNamedEgypt Xx


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