Pastel Galaxy Nails ✨

Hey Guys

Galaxy 8

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and it has been quite awhile since I last did a Nail Art Post and to be honest it’s because I haven’t felt really good about it, I mean I have sat down multiple times to try and do Nail Art but it just hasn’t worked out or it hasn’t look perfect enough :oops:.

As you guys know I freak out and worry about every little thing and I think that has really affected quite a lot of things recently. I used to use Nail Art as a calming “me” time to just express myself, So I decided to just clear my mind as much as I could and try to do a calming and easy Nail Art and it kinda worked 😆

So here is my tutorial for Pastel Galaxy Nails 💅❇🌠

What you will need

Galaxy 7

  • Mint Polish ( I’m using Maybelline Color Show , Mint Mist )
  • Pastel Pink Polish ( I’m using an un-named pink Shade by Rubi )
  • Top and Bottom Coat ( I’m using a new Top Coat I got from Models Prefer and it’s really good )
  • Silver Glitter Clear Polish ( I’m using an un-named brand but its called Disco Ball “yay” )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using a “Base Coat” from Models Prefer and I LOVE it, It’s really opaque and if you use 2 coats its perfect 🙂 )
  • White Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Metallic Purple ( I’m using L.A.COLORS )
  • Pastel Purple Polish ( I’m using You’re Such A BudaPest by O.P.I )
  • Tweezers


Galaxy 10

Start off with a white nail polish and paint all your nails, I used 1 coat but depending on the opacity of your polish you may need more.

Then rip off a small piece of make up sponge and dab it with a pastel purple polish using Tweezers, Dab off the excess and dab gently on your nail to create a slanted line to look like a nebula🌠, Try to use small amounts of polish and layer it to create a blended look.
I used 3 coats

Galaxy 11

Then once its dry do the same with mint on both sides of the “nebula”, I used 2 coats but this step is a little messy so after you may have to clean up the sides of your fingers with a small brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Then you may want to clean up the nebula with some more purple in the middle if the mint has muddled it a bit .

Next with a super tiny piece of sponge dab on some light pink in random places and after dried, Dab on a tiny bit of metallic purple in the centre of the Nebula.

Galaxy 9

Once its all dried apply a glitter clear polish for added shine and once that’s dry apply a top coat and wolah you have super kawaii pastel galaxy nails 🌟

That was my Tutorial for Pastel Galaxy Nails 😄

I hope you enjoyed and remember if you recreate any of my designs /crafts post them on social media with #agirlnamedegyptwhanau !

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. Just click on ANY of my pictures on my Posts to see the picture bigger 😉 x

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