50 Things That Make Me Happy : Part 2

Hey Guys

50 things that make me happy

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today im completing the 50 Things That Make Me Happy Post 😆, As I did a quite detailed one last time this one will be a little shorter 👍

26. Thinking something is going to happen on a show then it does 📺 – I love when this happens, I feel like im a TV “mind” reader lol 🔮

27. Dreaming about my future 😴- I love planning and dreaming about what my future might be like and im going to try my darn hardest to make it come true !! ✊

28. Perfecting something I have been trying to do for a while – Like learning to Push off on my Skateboard or being able to speak a proper sentence in Spanish 😉

29. Writing a post that I am personally proud off 📝💻 – I think the post im most proud of ( Not the post that has gotten the most likes but the post I was the most happy with ) for my Photo editing is Easy Broken Nail Fix! and the post I personally think I wrote and made pretty funny is a tie between My 14th Birthday Haul  & Real Neat Blog Award 😄

30. Teaching someone something 🎓 – I really enjoy teaching and one day I would love to be a teacher, I’m quite a bit older than my cousins 👶, So when I was younger I helped with teaching them like their ABC’s and Reading to them and I really loved that 🙂

31. Getting Letters ✉ – I love getting letters and writing them and I suppose its “old-fashioned ” but I just love how personal it feels 😌

32. Proving someone wrong 😆 – Okay im a teeny bit of a “know-it-all” but I really enjoy having “Debates” with people                                  and of course Winning 😎


33. Seeing my cousins 😙👧👦👦- Like I said im quite a bit older than my cousins and practically watched them growing up and I feel quite protective over them and as two of my little cousins have moved to Australia ✈, I miss seeing them and can’t wait to see what kind of people they grow up into ( If any of you are reading this, Sorry if your big cousin embarrassed you 😋, Lots of Love 😙 xx )

34. When I do my “manic” laugh 👿🏥 – Sometimes I do this “Manic” laugh, I can see somethings that’s not even that funny but to me its hilarious and I literally laugh for ages 😂 and I can’t stop and its pretty funny to watch 😅


35. Flipping over to the cool side of my pillow – Who doesn’t ? lol 😌

36. Over Hearing a strangers conversation – Not in a “creepy” way 💃…….., One time while my family was at a bakery there were these two teenage boys and as they were leaving one said to the other “Shall we ?” while Gliding his hand towards the door and slightly bowing and the other boy said “We shall”, It was so funny and now my brother and I use it as an inside joke all the time 😂😂😂

37. Learning to Play Songs on the Piano 🎹🎼 – Okay, I don’t have a piano currently but for my next birthday I really want to get a keyboard but currently im using an app on my phone and I play on my grandmas one when I get the chance and my guide hall has one though it is soooo out of tune ;-), I can currently play the opening of The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance ” Fluently” and im learning the rest of the song as well 👍

38. Listening to something while watching something else One time my brother and I watched Amazing World Of Gumball and muted it while listing to a Beatles Album and it was sooo funny as it synced perfectly so it actually looked real 😁


39. That moment when scissors glide through paper – That magical moment 🙄

40. Being alone – I “like” being around people and all but sometimes I just feel really drained and I find it nice to spend an hour or two by myself in my room Reading📚, Singing🎧🎤, Dancing💃 and just being alone 😉

41. The feeling of freshly washed hair – Springy, Clean, yay, 💁 I love my hair the day after I wash it as when my hair dries naturally it goes really curly and ringlety but if I brush it, It kinda fizzes ugh 👿

Well Another Dan meme ........*Awkrawd cough *.......I don't have these stockpiled ........

Well Another Danisnotonfire meme ……..*Awkrawd cough *…….I don’t have these stockpiled ……..

42. Singing in the shower – Again, Who doesn’t ? lol 🎤🎶🚿

43. Beating my brother at “his” game 🎮 – This is sometimes rare as he doesn’t really let me play ( Which is probably because he knows I will win 😉 ), But when I do win , Hehehe

44. Finding a book I used to read as a child” and re-reading it and re-living the memories 👶📖 – recently I found an old book of mine at my Dads and even though sometimes its sad to look back on memories, I really found this book comforting and have put it in my baby box for my children 😉


Why would you ruin Christmas Garfield !! ;-(

45. Putting up the Christmas tree and listening to music – My family always used to put on music while setting up the tree ( which we usually do on the 1st of December after we take my brother’s birthday decorations down ) and the youngest ( or one year our puppy ) puts the star on top, I t hasn’t really been like this for a little while as my family is “different” now and quite busy but this year we plan to put up the tree and listen to the whole Nightmare Before Christmas anniversary Album ( Because that’s just me 😉 ) especially Fall Out Boys Cover of Whats This with AmazingPhil Lipsyncing 😉

46. The Perfect winged eyeliner 😍 – I love Cat eyeing or Winging my eye liner and I love it when it is perfect 😉

47. Doing something I felt like I couldn’t – I freak myself out ALOT and this usually means I make my self miss out on a lot of opportunities but sometimes ( granted this is usually due to people pushing me , Thnx Family ✌💗 😉 ) I just go for it and sometimes it turns out better than I thought, Like my first ever camp next month which I am equally dreading and excited for 😉

48. Going For a Drive 🚗- Okay I can’t drive ( Well not yet, I can learn in NZ when im 15 and a half so one more year 😉 ), But sometimes when im sad I just love going out anywhere, especially when I can listen to music on loud 😉

49. Making some one else laugh or smile 😆:):D😂 – I really Love making people laugh or smile ( I hope my posts do that for you because that would be great if I can brighten up just a tiny part of your day x 😚 ), But I love being weird or funny as making people laugh is great 😉

Here is a Virtual Hug for anyone who needs it ;-) XX

Here is a Virtual Hug for anyone who needs it 😉 XX

50. Hugs 💕 – If im really sad than hugs usually push me over then edge and I turn into a sap lol, But weirdly ( Okay I think by now you guys know everything about me is weird so no surprises )  when I’m anxious or panicky sometimes hugs make me feel way happier 😉

There is the 2nd part of my 50 Things That Make Me Happy 😉

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to tell me in the comments if you guys relate to anything I have said or feel super free to do this post yourself as I would love to see the things that make you happy 😄

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt XX

3 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy : Part 2

  1. This is such a pretty post, I love it so much. Aye, don’t be ashamed of the Danisnotonfire memes, they do society good. I love your posts, they make me happy and I get excited when I see you have posted xxxx 💘

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