My Top 5 Games To Get You Through Winter

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and it is Winter here in NZ and there is no escaping it or denying it so im just going to accept my fate and…………………… Hibernate In my room, In front of a heater , looking like a human burrito, Playing endless hours of the following games, Watching 200 episodes of Anime, PLL, TW & GG straight and Drinking endless Hot Chocolates and Mocha coffees…………….Yes………….True Winter Heaven.

So today I thought I would share my top 5 games to get you through the long winter hours ( Or next winter if you live in the other majority of the world that is sunny right now ).

Now last autumn I did two post’s similar to this called My Top 5 Books / Book Series For Winter and My Top 5 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Winter so go check ’em out for more inspiration to get through winter 😉

5 – Pokémon White


So first up I have Pokemon white ( You can also read up about it here on my March Favourites ) as you may or may not know, I Love Pokémon and the great thing about Pokémon Games is that they have HUGE game play times, I think Pokémon White has 40+ hours worth so that’s pretty good when it comes to hibernating 😉

Mild Spoilers Ahead

Pokémon White is essentially like most Pokémon Games as it starts of with your character going on its Pokémon Adventure with the assistance of yet another tree named professor as he gives you your first Pokémon ( I  picked a Oshawott named…….Oshi “clap hand” ) , Off our Adventurer goes into the forest with an abundance of freaking patrats where they encounter Team Plasma the “Big Bad” of the Game…….. Okay ill leave it there to save too many spoilers 😉

Apart from the eventual annoyances of repetition I love this game and I will definitely be spending quite a few hours this winter getting my Gym Badges 🙂

4 – Village Life


Village Life is an App Game that I recently Installed and I love it ;-), It’s Basicly a Facebook game but luckily that is only optional as I don’t have and don’t plan to get a Facebook account.

The story starts with a pregnant couple trying to find refuge before the wife gives birth and after that you take control to guide and build up your village which I love 🙂

The only Con I have I that it is a real-time game so it does get annoying sometimes having to wait 22 hr’s for something unless you want to buy Gems to rush things but as that cost real money it’s not something I want to do, But all in all its a pretty cool game and great to check in on every couple of hours.

3 – Fable 2 & 3


Okay guys, I have a confession…… I LOVE RPG games especially Medieval , Victorian , 18th / 19th century ones and I Love Fable !

We have Fable 2 & 3 on Xbox 360 and eek I have spent days on the couch in potato form playing these games straight , I think I prefer Fable 3 ( which I have nearly finished 😦 ) as I love the whole Queen / Kingdom part.

The first game is set in medieval times and as the games progress time changes and the latest one 3 is set late 18th century, Your character is on a adventure and depending on which your game is either a princess / prince ( N’o 3 ) or orphan (N’o 2 ) and to kinda sum it up both games involve fighting monsters, going on quests and saving Albion from disaster 😉

We also have Fable : The Journey on Xbox 360 Kinect but I have yet to play the first game or Fable legends.


2 – Harvest Moon

download (16)           untitled

Harvest Moon has to be one of my favourite game sagas ever! 😉

I got Harvest Moon on DS when I was 9 / 10 and I loved it then two years ago I got Harvest Moon Island of Happiness and loved it too 😉

My only con with the original is you can’t play as a girl character unless you get Harvest Moon Cute but all in all these games are extremely long ( which is great for marathons 😉 ) and extremely fun, They are essentially RPG’s which makes me love them more 😉

On Island of Happiness I am now married to Elliot and am expecting a baby ( which hopefully I will get after playing through winter 😉 )

I have played Harvest Moon : Magical Melody on WII too which I loved and hopefully one day will collect more 😉

Also Harvest Moon can be really challenging so I use these amazing website that has tips, tricks and more, here ( for Island of happiness ) and here ( for Harvest Moon DS and more  )

1 – The Sims



Okay so most of you will know that im a huge Simmer and have played all the Sims ( all the major games, not all the expansions ) PC games and most of the other module games too and I absolutely adore them 😉

The Sims are so fun and literally create endless hours of fun as the game never really finish 😉

Hopefully for Xmas this year I will be getting the Get to work expansion pack too 😉

That was My top 5 games to play this winter 😉

I hope you enjoyed and if you did please leave a like as it really makes my day and if you have a game you love playing in winter leave it in the comments do I can check it out  😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

16 thoughts on “My Top 5 Games To Get You Through Winter

  1. Hiya. Love this post. Does it get really cold in New Zealand in the Winter ? So crazy that it is summer here in Scotland !! ( not that u would know as it is raining constantly 😔. Enjoy your games, im going to have a wee look at them 💚

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  2. Hiya, Love the list, have played most of them you have seem to have a really good choice of games so I will buy the ones i haven’t got!! Another game that I got as a present for my DS was really fantastic as it is very challenging, and it’s like got a hundred+ levels, and it is quite amusing. It is called: Nintendo Super Mario 64, DS Super Mario 64, DS 1820146
    .It’s raining in Scotland!!! I live in England (london) and it is boiling hot, at school our teachers keep telling us to stop fidgeting with hand-made paper fans and then we will cool down slower! It it’s around 32 degrees two days ago and yesterday was 29, not sure about today tho! Have fun with your winter pass-times!!

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  3. Pokemon and sims are literally 2 of my favourite things (haha rhyme), but I honertly thought I was the only one who played fable. And I am the same as you, I own 2 and 3 but not one. I completed both 2 and 3!

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    • Yay I LOVE Fable i am sooo close to finishing Fable 3 but not that far along with 2 as i do have a pretty hectic life ( even though im homeschooled 😅 ) so i dont have much time to just spud that and my brothers always hogging our Xbox 360 ( Which by the way is the limited edition R2-D2 version which is so Kawaii *(^o^)*.
      Totally unrealated question, Do you watch YouTube, If you watch Danisnotonfire i may die from twinning-ness 😂😂 Xx

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      • Do you mean Daniel James Howell who was born on the 11th of June 1991and is the meme king of the internet who has a best friend named Phil Lester who’s youtube channel is AMAZING (lol puns) and was born on the 30th of January and I just so happen to have been watching the pair of them for 3 years now. If you mean that Danisnotonfire then… Erm yes. I do watch him, A LOT.

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      • 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Ekkkk yay!!! INTERNET BUDDIE 😂😉😂
        Finally someone i can talk to about my obsesion ( Pardon my spelling 😅😅 ) .
        I have been watching them maybe 1-2 years only because i wasnt really into YouTube back then but now ……. lol ( by the way have you ever noticed that the lol looks like a guy with his arms up 😅😅 or am i just weird 😂😂)
        I have Phil and Dan on my wall collage lol and Zoella and a bunch of others 😅😅😅
        I just had a Philisnotonfire marathon a couple days ago and the feellllss 😂😂😂, I remember when i found them i didnt sleep till 3 am watching every one of their videos then i converted my brother, Though he does prefer Phil over Dan ( Probably as Phil is more for younger viewers) and dont get me started on Dil Howlter 😂😂😂 Xx
        I just relaised i pretty much wrote a short story lol 😅😅

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      • Oh my god!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR ME. Please DO NOT worry about spelling (mine is SO bad). I love Zoe too, she is like my main female youtuber. Philisnotonfire marathons are something I do religiously, quite often. I am pretty sure I know them WORD FOR WORD NOW. (lol dose look like a man with his hands up. I just noticed haha 😂). For me right now it’s 00:30 in the morning and I was just on a Dan marathon before I came into wordpress to check my notifications.
        Oh my gosh I don’t think I could EVER choose between Dan and Phil. I relate to Dan a LOT more, but Phil is so adorable and has a wonderful personality (same goes for Dan). Haha I converted my sister as well (though she tends to watch their gaming videos).
        Dil is actually what my best friend calls me 😏. She knows me well.
        I may have imprinted ‘don’t cry craft’ on so many people who don’t even know what it is. At one point my mum started saying it (all my fault) sorry not sorry :).

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      • Ekk, Same i couldnt choose between Dan and Phil i think Dan is Hotter ( 😶 lol ) and Phil is adorable.
        Yeah my brother loves their gaming channel too.
        Its 11:30 am here and im just making pancakes for lunch lol 😄.
        I watch a lot of YouTubers ( Some that are prob not age approprite lol ) such as Pewdiepie, Markaplier, Sprinkleofglittr, Joey Graceffa, Strawberry17, and way more but my brain just blanked lol 😅

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      • Lol, You live in England right?
        I LOVE England and here in NZ ita almost a ritual for after college / university to go over to the “motherland” for a while, Im planning on going there to live for a couple years, Either in Brighton or London depending as where i live is quite small and i dont do that well in big towns lol 😂

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      • Yep, I do in fact live in England. The land of tea drinkers (like myself), crumpet eaters (not me, gross) and sarcastic people (hahaha oops). The land of unpredictable weather, and free health care *woop*. Yay for the small island who think they are on top of the world and better then everyone else.

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      • Lol, I dont drink much tea ( mostly coffee lol), My brother can drink cups on end, New Zealand is the same with the unpredictable weather ( It was seeiously just storming and 5 mins later its hot and sunny 😂😂) and i think we have free kids health care or something lol😄

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