Book Review : Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Hey Guys

Book 1
Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today I’m going to be sharing my views on the book , Girl Online 📚…

MILD / LARGE SPOILERS AHEAD ( LOL I nearly wrote Milk spoilers Ahead, You’re a genius Egypt… A bloody Genius 🍼 )

I brought this book in March with my birthday money but because lately I have been super busy I didn’t finish this book untill last month ( When usually I can finish two to three books in a week or two 😉 ) but honestly I didn’t want to finish this book as it is one of the best I have read this year 😄

Now I have read quite a few review for Girl Online saying that it was too sickly sweet and badly written and yes at times the book was a little sparse on continuity ( which is one of my pet peeves 😈 ) and a little hard to catch up with as the story progresses very fast but to be honest I do love quite short, cute, fluffy things and I really enjoyed Girl Online and the 2nd one is def going on my Xmas wish list 😉

Another thing  saw a lot of negative things on was the fact that Girl Online was written with the aid of a Ghost Writer but honestly how do you expect Zoe to deal with YouTube, Work, Her Own Life and write a Novel ? But it has been released that Girl Online 2 will be written completely by Zoe so we will have to wait and see what the next ones like 🙂

The Love Birds

Penny : Penny is a very relatable character ( Excespicaly to me 🙈 ) as she is a very clumsily, Awkrawd girl who seemingly nothing goes right for. Penny writes on a blog anonymously as Girl Online to share her feelings and view after an accident brought on sever anxiety.
Penny is also an inspiring photographer ( Which I loved 📷)
When her family fly over to New York for work over Christmas she meets ….

Noah : Noah is an Muso from New York, Friendly and Funny, Penny soon finds herself falling for him but when she finds out his secret what will happen to them. ( I do realise I just sounded like a tag line for a very cheesy movie from the ’80s 😉 )

So all in all this book was a like a sugary sweet cupcake , Small but sweet and just enough to leave you feeling happy inside ( I may be craving sugar right now 😋  )

I love Zoella and she is one of the biggest role models for me and one of the reasons I started this blog and I really loved Girl Online, Not to mention how beautiful the cover is 😍

That was my review for Girl Online, If you have read this book feel free to leave your views in the comments x

I hope you enjoyed and I didn’t give away too any spoilers 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx



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