Mini Haul : Road Trip ;-)

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and sorry I didn’t post on sunday as something quite sad happened which I will be writing about next sunday but today lets focus on something good 😄!
Earlier last month I went on a road trip up to my Grandmas and while it wasn’t a shopping trip I did pick up some pretty cool things so here they are 😉

I love traveling to my Grandmas city as my Grandma is a Shopaholic ( She once brought a stick of glue just because it was 5c….No other reason ) so she always knows where all the sales are and where she lives is like 5x the size of our town so there is always something on 😉

MH 1          MH 2

Tubby wanted to photo bomb the shot;-)    ^

First of all we went to Kmart as we don’t have one where we live 😦

I was looking for some Pjays as I LOVE Sweat pants / loose shirt combinations for Pjays as there are just SO comfortable and on the weekends you can wear them all day and they don’t look like “Pjays” 😉

So I found these for only $12 which is pretty cheap and I just love them so much 🙂

They are like cotton feeling but the pants which are Blue and White stripes are Sweatpants like and have a cuff and I just love the whole “America” look it has.

Oh and they work really well with my black ugg boots 😉


MH 3 MH 4

I got this ^ amazing Owl necklace at a Night market for I think $10 and I LOVE it, It’s almost a Mint colour and I love the Black rose, It is definitely Vintage and almost looks Gothic Victorian because of the Rose 😉

It’s also a pretty long necklace which I like as well.

The next necklace I got is from a Crystal shop and its an actual Amethyst and I’m wearing it right now :-), I love the subtle purple middle and I think I got this for $8.


MH 5               MH 6    MH 7


Okay first up is the Pure Satin Shield Heat protector for Hair and I really love it as it protects really well and it smells like raspberry liquorice 😉

But it is pretty expensive, its normally $35 but my Grandma got it for $15 🙂

The next Item is a teeny tiny paintbrush to use for Nail Art, I put the pencil next to it for size comparison and as you can see its pretty small, I got it for $2 at a craft shop 😉

Finally I got this big packet of different sized make-up sponges from Cala as the triangle ones are great for ombre nail art ( which you can see here and here ) and the others are really good for make-up or face paint 🙂

Well that was my Mini Haul 🙂

Hope you enjoyed !



P.S This is also my 50th post!, So yay and here’s to the next 50 😉

P.P.S, To mark this occasion I have created an INSTAGRAM :-), Yay you can click here or search for _agirlnamedegypt_ as can you believe it agirlnamedegypt was already taken, Lolz, Now currently I can not take pictures of my self or family but be prepared for an onslaught of Pets, Photography, Nails and Egyptness(?) 😉

P.P.P.S , Also to mark this occasion I have enabled the comments on my blog !, So feel free to say Hi 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

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