May Favourites

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and this month has been another Crazy, busy month , Mothers Day , Road Trips , School , Blogging Awards , Mum’s Birthday, Emotions oh and Joining a few new Cul- ,”Ahem” whoops, I meant ” FANDOMS “…… yes , I am now a proud Sherlockian 😉 , Along with rejoing my much-loved Supernatural fandom after a year hiatus :-), But any who, Lets get on with the post as I have 5 more hours of SPN to catch up on.

The Game is Afoot 😉

Favourite Nail Polish – Mint Mist – Maybelline New York Color Show

Mint 4

Okay as you probably know I LOVE mint and earlier this month there was a massive cosmetics clearance sale and I picked up this cutie for just $5 which I think is quite a good price as It usually retails for around $8 and ek I LOVE It 🙂

It’s also limited edition so I don’t know if it’s in production any more which Is really suckfull as it is quite a small bottle 😦

But if it is in stock I would defiantly recommend it as I really love the shade, It’s a subtle color and it really works well for winter ( here in nz ) or Spring/Summer 😉

P.S. I apologise for the “messy” manicure as It was done literally 30 mins before running out the door 😉


As you may know this month I was nominated for TWO awards!

If you would like to read my posts on them them they are the Liebster Award & Real Neat Blog Award.

I just wanna say that this means so much to me as when I started this blog late last year I really thought that it would just be my family reading but thanks to all you guys who take the time to read and like my posts I have been nominated for two awards and have met some amazing new people so THANK YOU SOO MUCH XXXX

Favourite TV Show – Sherlock


Okay guys like I was saying at the start I have joined the Sherlockians ” FANDOM” 😉

This month My Brother and I went on a road trip to see our grandparents and Aunties and one of my Aunties were watching the first episode of Sherlock, I only saw 30 mins of It but I was hooked and so when we got home I went and rented the first season of Sherlock and well…………………Im freaking addicted and will defiantly be renting out the second season soon 🙂

I love Martin Freeman from when I watched The Hobbit but I don’t think I have watched anything with Benedict Cumberpatch in it before but I love them both in the show so much.

I already love the Sherlock Novels but this show brings it to life brilliantly and its soo funny 😉


Okay so this month I downloaded a lot of apps to help with my school and im going to list my top 3.

  • 1. Duolingo : This app is brilliant for languages and currently I am learning / Revising my Spanish ( Yo Soy una Nina / I am a girl, La leche favor, The milk please ;-).
  • 2. Memrise : This is another mainly language app but It also has other courses and im using this for Japanese, Spanish and Piano & Key Board Chords and I really love the whole method of learning as it reminds you when to revise the subject so you don’t forget 😉
  • 3. QuizUp : This is a Quiz / Trivia app and I used to love this app so much but they did update the app and made it more social oriented which I really hate as I really don’t care about peoples pictures of Hummus and Carrot Sticks while im trying to do quizzes on baby animals ( Phew, Rave finished ) 😐 , But hopefully they do change something but until then its my least favourite but still a good quiz app.




I LOVE Photography soo much and I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite photos that I have taken recently 🙂

That was my May favourites 😉

Hope you enjoyed and I also hope all of you had a great Mothers Day !

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt x

P.S you may have noticed that I have changed the background of my blog and I might start changing the background every now or then as I really love my blogs actual theme but its nice to change it-up and add my touch a bit more , So give this post a Big LIKE if you think that’s a good idea ( But frankly ill probably do it anyway #Rebel #DoWhatIWant #Lolz #IronicUseOfHashtag;-)

Holla at me ;-)

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