Whats In My Makeup Bag?

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and lately I have been watching a lot of Make-Up videos on YouTube and I thought I would share with you whats in my Make-Up Bag 😉

BTW : This is just what is in my Bag that I would take if I was going on holiday or rushing out the door 🙂


Makeup 2

This is my favourite Eyeshadow Pallet as I really like the colours and the feel of it ( if that makes sense ) as it kinda feels like nothings on your face and it just dosent feel heavy 😉

I don’t know where it came from as the label wasn’t on the actual pallet when my Nana gave me it 😉

I mostly use the first 6-8 shades from the left as I prefer to use Natural looking colours.

Also pictured is my Favourite brush from Avon, It’s a Dual ended brush with a thin end and a thick blending end and I have had it for quite a while and I still really love it as it’s quite easy to use.


Makeup 5

I love this Mirror as it is Egyptian Styled and it actually says Egypt on it ;-), It also has a magnifying side which is perfect for doing my Eyeliner.

Speaking of Eyeliner Pictured is my Favourite Liquid Eyeliner, Fineline by L.A.Girl, I love this eyeliner because it has a Brush like tip and its super easy to use, Also its Cruelty and Animal Testing free which is a big + for me 🙂

I also have a Pencil Eyeliner by Thin Lizzy which has a Brown and Black Side and is really great for smokey or smudged out looks.


Makeup 3

I have a Day and a Night Lipstick in my bag, For Day I have a lovely almost coral one from Avon called Skin which I actually have 2 of 😉

The Night one I do usually wear in the day it’s just that its a darker Ruby colour that would work well as a Night Lipstick and it’s from Avon Simply Pretty in Ruby Sparkles which I will definitely be re-purchasing.

For my birthday I got a lovely Lip Balm from arome ambiance and its a Vanilla Butter which I love and it smells amazing 🙂

Manicure Kit

Make-up 6

I have a mini Manicure Kit for those Broken Nail moments.

Inside I have

  • 1 Pink Nail Polish from L.A.Girl
  • 1 Nail Clipper
  • 2 Files
  • 2 Hair Clips
  • 2 Make-Up Brushes ( the cheap, throw away kind )
  • 1 Pair of Earrings
  • 1 Tiny Lipstick

I love having this in my Make-Up bag as it has everything you need to get ready super fast.



Lastly I have 1 roll on perfume called Love Her Madly by Revlon which I love and think it’s quite a nice everyday perfume.

I also have 2 foundations that I mix together ( because I couldn’t find my perfect skin tone ) from Avon in Sand Beige and another that’s label has peeled off ( Fun fact while writing this post my foundation fell onto my new grey jumper, so Joy 😉 )

I also take my Wide toothed Comb as I have quite Curly hair and if I brush it with a normal brush it goes quite frizzy, ugh 😉

Well that was whats in my Make-Up Bag !

Hope you enjoyed 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. I would have provided Prices but as I am still a child without an income most of these products were gifted to me 😉

Holla at me ;-)

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