Nail Art : Autumn Leaves

Hey Guys

Autumn Leaves

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and this week I had major Nail Art Block and had no idea what to do with my nails I tried a few designs but didn’t like any of them so after scrolling through hundreds of Nails on Pinterest I finally got inspiration when I saw some Orange and reddish Nails and so I created this Autumn Leaves with Glitter Accent Nail Art and I actually really like this design and it’s really quite easy and perfect for Autumn 😉

What you will need

Autumn 1


  • Dark Orange Nail Polish ( I’m using Truly Tangerine? by Orly )
  • Light Orange Nail Polish ( I’m using Orange by TBN )
  • Orange Glitter Polish ( I’m using Orange by L.A.COLOURS, Art Deco )
  • Dark Red Nail Polish, My brother says it looks like a Cherry Colour ( I’m using Cabaret by Jordana )
  • Top & Base Coat ( I’m using a new one by Sally Hansen which I got for my birthday and its a Duo Base and Top )
  • Coarse Sponge
  • Striper or Thin Paint Brush
  • Cotton Swabs & Nail Polish Remover

Start Off by prepping your nails and applying a Base Coat

Autumn 2 WARNING :  This parts a little messy

Apply the Dark Orange to the top of a make-up sponge then apply the lighter shade just below and sponge onto your nail ( and finger 😉 ) to create a ombre look.

Leave to dry then re-apply depending on your opacity.

Once Dry Apply a top coat to keep the colour on better when cleaning up the edges.

Now dip the cotton swabs in the nail polish remover to clean up around the Nails.

Autumn 3


Now dip the Brush or Striper into the Cherry Polish and make 5 lines connecting like ^ and add a little dash for the stem.

Add the Leaves in different places to make a cool design and don’t worry about them looking perfect I actually like the messy-ish look as I think it looks almost water-coloured which I really like.

On your ring finger cover it with the Orange Glitter polish as I cool accent 😉

Once fully dried, Apply a top coat and your Done.

Tada that was my Autumn Leaf Inspired Nail Art 🙂

Hope you Enjoyed.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt XX

P.S. The Ombre comes out more than the main picture shows, I think the lighting made It look different 😉




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