14 Facts About Me!

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and I thought as I have been doing this blog for a while now i’m going to tell you 14 facts about me, So hopefully you feel like you know me better 😉


1. My Favourite colour is MINT but I LOVE anything pastel.


2. I have 2 dogs Peanut Butter and Poppy, A cat named Lord Tubbington ( Tubby for short ) and an axolotl named Goldie at my house and at my Dads I have 2 cats Natas and Princess and a Dog named Noodle.

3. I Love Reading like I would say I have read close to 500-1000 books in my life no kidding when I was younger we would always be getting like 50 books from the library each week and we read all the Harry Potters and Twighlight’s ( Though I think my Mum liked Twighlight more than Me as she did collect the whole book and movie series long after I was over it 😉 )

images (8)


4. My favourite animals are Owls, as I love their huge eyes and their symbolism of wisdom.

5. I’m VERY shy, I have always been shy and I get nervous around big social situations and it has nothing to do with homeschooling or anything, it’s just the kind of person I have always been, I still love doing social things as I have done Tap Dancing Competitions, Swimming, Drama, Aikido and now Girl Guides.

It’s just if im in a high pressure situation like if I have to go on stage or something in front of a lot of people I get really nervous and anxious and start to Panic a-bit , But writing on this blog and finding YouTube has really helped me feel more, I guess happy with being myself and be a little more outgoing 😉

6. I have had Purple, Pink, Blue and Red in my hair but for now im sticking to more natural looks like my caramel ombre.


7.   I wear prescription blackish “stereotypical” nerd glasses which I actually don’t mind about because when I was little I wanted glasses like harry potter so much 😉

( ^ My actual glasses from the website lol )

8. I love music!  Anything with a beat I love and just like with my clothes I don’t like just one genre because some times ill listen to Green Day or My Chemical Romance and others Il Listen to Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

9. I have one brother who is younger than me by 3 years and we are pretty close, We watch the same YouTuber’s and like the same video games and have the same humor but he is still my brother so I like to think we are BFMN ( Best Friends & Mortal Nemesis 😉 )

10. I don’t have a certain style that I stick to, I love vintage though but ill pretty much wear what I feel like that day like yesterday I dressed fully vintage with my new cat eye sun-glasses but today im wearing more geek chic with an adventure time shirt on and tomorrow I might wear my Disney Themed Get Up 😉


( Dream Car )

11. I Love anything Vintage like seriously I want a Morris Minor or Volkswagen Beetle for my car when im older.

12. This probably isn’t a fact but when im older I really want to live in London or Brighton because I LOVE England.

13. I love Japan! Most of my family do too, I love the culture and the language and when i was little my mum was always watching subtitled samurai or Japanese films, I know a little Japanese but I hope to learn more 😉


14. I Change “Dreams” quite a lot, When I was little I wanted to be a CSI Detective untill I saw blood eek then I wanted to be a vet untill I realised id be opening up pets eek then I wanted to be a zoo keeper then I wanted to be an animator which I stuck with for quite a while then I  wanted to be a baker ( almost wrote I wanted to be a cake, yeah great ambition Egypt 😉 ) and have my own cafe and now I want to be an early childhood educator so hopefully this time it wont change as im pretty passionate about it but who knows 😉

So that was 14 facts about me

Hopefully you enjoyed and even learnt something more about me 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. I do realize hat the picture says 15, sorry 😉


Holla at me ;-)

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