14th Birthday Haul

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today I wanted to do something different, Something new and frankly Something un-known……… But that was too hard so i decided to do a Birthday Haul ( yay for un-originality 🙌 ) Now you may have heard of Haul videos on YouTube or you Might have Read a Haul Post but if you haven’t  ………

A Haul is a large amount of things and a Haul video or post is someone showing or telling you about said group of things, So without further ado Welcome to my 14th Birthday…….( Haul Post )

14 th

By Far the biggest present I think I have ever gotten, Drum roll please………………. ( no drum roll, wow tough crowd, JK Un-light the pitchforks 😉 ) A NEW SMARTPHONE!

Yes I have a new phone ( Hey you wanna know what apps i have on my phone probably not but still click here, as it helps umm a unicorn?, Yep im getting good at these Segways 😆) It is a Samsung core prime and I also got two super Kawaii Wallet case’s, A union jack one and an owl one and the best part I have close to 200 emojis! including this one

>                                                                                                         images3BLJN08C Ah Yes the very confusing smiling poop emoji, Oh how I wish to know the conversation to which someone suggested this emoji 😉


Okay so with my Birthday Moolah I went to The Warehouse and on a whim thought ,oh maybe those books I have been looking for would be in which I thought would be pretty unlikely and OMG they were there and there were only 2 copies left each so of course I grabbed one of each 🙂

Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr –  On Special $20

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg – $25

If you don’t know of these people they are very talented and successful YouTubers and Bloggers from the UK and two of my biggest role models and can i just say the covers of these two books are too of the most beautiful covers i have ever seen 🙂

I LOVE These books sooo much.

Also Pictured is the Amazing Necklace my mum got me which is a replica of Kathrine’s necklace from Vampire Diaries !

I also got a Pokémon Nintendo Game, Pokémon White which I love and have been wanting for a long time and I have a level 37 Dewott!



I have been looking for some nice vintage flats for quite a while as I pretty much ruined my old pair at camp and thanks to genetics I have pretty big feet in sneakers i’m a 9 1/2 but in flats i’m an 11? so yeah it makes it harder to find nice shoes, But I had a miracle moment that day because literally 5 seconds in the store I found these beautiful vintage looking flats and they were only in my size and to think it couldn’t get better they were only $15, Score!

I also love cat eye glasses so I went into Factorie found they had a sale for 2 glasses for $15 so double score oh and I also got 3 nail polish’s for $10 I think so yeah it was a good shopping day.

I did get an awesome Eyeliner pen thing from L.A Girl which im loving and I think it’s definitely the nicest feeling pen liner because its like a paintbrush .

Oh and I also got some Batiste Dry shampoo which I have been wanting for a while but will defiantly be getting the one for dark hair next time as It did turn my hair into storms

untitled…………So Yeah……Needless to say I had to wash my hair today 😉


Well that was my 14th Birthday Haul.

I hope you enjoyed as I actually really enjoyed taking the photo’s and editing and writing for this post so hopefully I will make some more Haul like Posts in the future as it felt more like me talking to you guys instead of just explaining something and then leaving so yea, Stay Tuned 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. I will get better at leaving negative/white space in my pictures as I did jumble too many things together lol ;-*)

Holla at me ;-)

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