March Favourites

Hey Guys and Hello Autumn


Its AGirlNamedEgypt and welcome back to another Monthly Favourites.

March marks the start of Autumn my 2nd favourite season, It’s always so beautiful when the leaves change colours and float down to the ground and down our Road we have like an archway of trees all along so I can’t wait for them to change color ;-). It’s also the month of my birth so its double points for me yay!

Favourite Food

Girl Guide Biscuits – Choc Mini

This month its the start of Girl Guide biscuits sales and some of you may know I am a Girl Guide and an Assistant Leader so I have been selling a lot of biscuits to my family and of course im going to buy myself some 😉

Choc Minis are my absolute favourite of all time because they are so small and cute and they all have little designs on them which is super cute.

Favourite Book

One Moment – Kristina McBride


This month I got this ^ book out at the library and I didn’t realise when I got it that It was a sad book but well I found out, 😥 lolz

It was a really good book quite different to what I usually read but I really enjoyed it and in the end it’s quite cheerful 🙂

It’s about a teenage girl and her group of friends, One day they go to a cliff side thing for the weekend and an accident occurs and it kinda follows the aftermath and how everyone deals with it.

Warning: I nearly cried during the first couple of chapters so……. yeah

Favourite Tv/Show


download (19)

IZombie is a new tv show based on a comic series of the same name.

It is super cool, I think I have only watched 3 episodes ( due to it being brand new ) and i already love it.

It sound really cheesy when you read the description which you can find here but trust me It’s not.
Also it stars a Kiwi Actress Rose Mciver which is another plus for me 😉

Favourite Song 

I don’t really remember what song I have listened to the most this month so let me check my Spotify, hang on a tic………………………………………….. Okay so apparently aside from the new Muse song Dead Inside and listening to a new band i found Hey Violet, My most listened song and def my fave this month is ….

Say Something – A Great Big World

I LOVE this song and I have just recently learnt how to play it on my piano app ( which you can read about and more of my fave apps here, Wow great Segway Egypt 😉 )

I think this song is so brilliant, it makes you feel so many emotions and i just love it !

Road Trips

This isn’t exactly a favourite but its one of my favourite things from this month as you may know early this month my family and I went on a road trip.

Which was soooooo much fun I really love driving anywhere and I mean I could probably just sit in a car and drive for hours 😉

Also a thing I love about living in NZ is that you can pretty much drive anywhere and the roads are so pretty especially in Autumn 🙂

That was my March Favourites and to be honest it was a very busy month for me 🙂

I hoped you enjoyed!

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S My birthday was near the end of the month so for my April favourites ill be talking about the things from my birthday more.

Holla at me ;-)

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