Birthday Nail Art : Adventure Time Nail Art!

Hey Guys

Adventure time

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and What time is it? Its AGirlNamedEgypt does Nail Art time! ( Ha Awkward references, ……. Way to win over the crowd Egypt )

Any who it was recently my 14th birthday ( yay! ) and I really wanted to have some cool looking nails to show how “Grown” up I was ;-)so………………………………………….. I decided on one of my FAVOURITE shows Adventure Time!.

I Only did my favourite 5 character’s instead of my original idear on all 10 fingers have different characters but alas I ran out of time curses, Well let’s get on with the show.

What you will need


  • Orange Nail Polish ( I’m using Orange by TBN )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using White, Art Deco by L.A.COLOUR )
  • Silver Nail Polish ( I’m using Mercury Metal? by Avon )
  • Tan Nail Polish
  • Light Green Nail Polish ( Im using Lime? by TBN )
  • Top and Bottom Coat
  • Light Pink Polish
  • Dark Pink Polish
  • Red Polish ( I’m using Tangtastic by Avon )
  • Blue Polish ( I’m using Blue by TBN )
  • Black Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using Black, Art Deco by L.A.COLOUR )
  • Dotting Tools

Start off with prepping your nails and applying a base coat.

Step 1.  Paint your Thumbs Orange, your Index and Pinkie finger white, Your Middle Finger light pink and your ring finger silver, Using about 2-3 coats depending on the opacity

Jake the Dog

Adventure Dog

Start by applying two medium black dots where his eyes will go, Once they are dried apply two smaller white dots on the lower half of the black dots for his pupils.

Then with the black striper draw a line on the bottom half like ^ and join them together for he mouth of jake and finally add an oval shape for his nose 😉

Finn the Human

Adventure Finn

Start by tracing this ^ with the black nail striper.

Once dried fill it in like this                             ^

Then dot some very tiny eyes and a teeny mouth.

Princess Bubblegum

Adventure PB


Outline the face and neck with black then apply the darker nail polish for her hair.

Once Dried outline her crown shape in black and apply yellow over it once dried.

Add a red dot to her crown for her jewel and apply some red to her neck for her dress and finally two dots for eyes and a smile.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Whoops forgot to take pics of Marcy lolz

Outline Marcys Face and neck and fill in hair with black polish.

Add two small red dots to the side of her neck for bites.

And finally add her eyes and mouth.


Adventure G

Outline your nail in black then add two eyes, An nose and two arms.

Once Dried add two small white dots to each eye for the Kawaii Sparkle look and add yellow to the nose.

Yay that was my Adventure Time Nail Art Tutorial for my Birthday !

I hope you enjoyed as I really enjoyed doing this design.

Also I got a lot of new things for my birthday so look forward to some new designs or crafts 🙂

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Holla at me ;-)

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