What’s On My Phone?

Hey Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today im going to be doing something a little different.

Recently I got a new phone for my 14th birthday whoo! It’s a Samsung galaxy core prime.

So I wanted to share some of the awesome apps and games I have on my phone, So let’s get started.

High School Story


I Had this game on my tablet I think last year and I got super far in the game but when I got my phone I wanted to get it on there because I carry my phone around obviously more than my tablet but suckfully I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN ugh but it’s not all bad at least I can make better choices in the game.

This Game is super cool because you play as your own customizable High Schooler and you can choose if you want to be a Prep, Jock or Nerd and obviously I chose Nerd because

>                                   th

you then go on ” Quests”, Plan Homecoming, Party at Prom and Start your own and build up your school.

it’s a real-time game so its pretty much never-ending fun!

Hollywood U: Rising Stars


I was So excited when I saw that Pixelberry had made a second game!!!!

And to be honest its just as addicting as the 1st and you can even met some of the main characters of the first one on this one.

You start of as a new comer at a Hollywood college and can make fashion statements, Act on Movies and help a pop star create a new image!

My only critique is that you start of with less diamonds than on High school Story and diamonds are like special points that you can buy.

Crossy Road

Yes I have fallen into the abyss of addicted Crossy Road gamers….

My cousin, Brother and I all have crossy road on our many electronic devices and at the start I was like ” That doesn’t look that fun” until I saw that one of my brother and I’s all time favourite YouTuber’s AmazingPhil created a character Emo Goose that we tried it and 1 week later of frenzied tapping we finally unlocked Emo Goose but by then it was too late to turn back and…………………….. I play it on a daily basis lolz


My all time FAVOURITE music app ever!

I have it on my laptop but I also got it on my phone so I can take my music where ever I go.

It has every artist you can think of and so many playlists you dont even need to spend hours trying to make your own though I have Playlists for everything from Sleeping to Study to Dance Party In My Room lolz;-)


Of course Id have the YouTube app, One of my favourite things to do is to wake up and check my subscription Box to see if Danisnotonfire or PewDiePie or Zoella or Smosh have made a new video to look forward to watching after school or on my lunch break 😉 .

Candy Crush : Soda Saga

Again I have fallen into the abyss of people who constantly yell at their phone and vow to never play again until 1 hour later you get a notification saying you have more lives and repeat the whole process again.

But hey Who’s going to save the Gummy Bears?

Piano Teacher 

I love learning and listening to the Piano and im currently saving up to buy a keyboard to learn properly but until then I have had a lot of fun playing Safe and Sound, Say Something and even Christie Road on my phone

Assorted Photo Editing Apps

Im going to put on what I use for editing photos because I LOVE Photography and I love editing photo’s.

Online I edit using Picmonkey which I Love but on my phone it depends on the photo, For just a  quick edit I use the photo editor that comes with the phone, If i want to edit a really cute photo I use an android app called CandyCamera and if I want a really special picture I usually send it to my computer and edit on Picmonkey 😉

Well I think I should stop now before I make this take a year to read 😉

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S I will upload a picture of my phone and its super cute case when i take a picture of it with my camera, Silly me must have though i could take a pic of the outside of the phone with the phone duhh 😉

Holla at me ;-)

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