Pac-Man Nail Art

Hey Guys


Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to be showing you guys an easy and super cute tutorial for Pac-Man Nail Art.

As you could probably tell I LOVE anything geeky or nerdy and i was just scrolling through geeky nail art and found some Pac-Man ones so I decided to design my own Pac-Man Inspired Nail Art.


What you will need


  • Orange Nail Polish ( I’m using Orange by T.B.N )
  • Blue Nail Polish ( I’m using Blue by T.B.N )
  • Black Nail Striper ( I’m using Black by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Yellow Nail Polish ( I’m using Sunshine by AVON )
  • Black Nail Polish ( I’m using Smoke and Mirrors ? by AVON )
  • White Nail Striper ( I’m using White by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Pink Nail Polish ( I’m using a polish that doesnt say the brand on it )
  • Red Nail Polish ( I’m using Tangtastic by AVON )
  • Base & Top Coat or Nail Protector
  • Dotting Tools
  • Nail Striping tape
  • Blue Nail Striper ( I didn’t have any Blue striping polish so I saved an old nail striper brush and just dipped in the blue polish 😉 )

Step 1


Start off by prepping your nails. ( By applying a base coat and if you have any hand and nail cream, Use it as it will really make a difference )

Paint you nails like ^ , You might need 2-3 coats depending on the polish opacity and on your other hand paint the nails that are red and blue, Orange and Pink.

Step 2


Once your nails are dry, On your thumb use the Nail Striping Tape to mark out where the gap for Pac-Mans Mouth will go and if you can see the black outline I traced on the picture ( if you can’t click on the picture and it should come up bigger ) that is where you paint with yellow polish.

But if you cant see it just lightly trace the shape of a large enough circle for Pac-Man and fill it in you might have to use 2 coats depending on the opacity.

Step 3


On your Index and Ring finger using your Blue Striper to draw a design like ^ this that looks like the maze from the Pac-Man Games and leave to dry.


Step 4



On your 4 Coloured Nails, Use your Dotting tool and the Black Nail Polish to make dragging motions and connect them to the next ( but try not to start as high up as I did 😉 ) and use your white polish and dotting tool to create two eyes for your Ghosts.


Step 5


Remove your tape and with a big dotting tool and your black polish make Pac-Man’s eye.


Step 6



Now using a small dotting tool and your white polish create the ” Points ” that Pac-Man eats.


Step 7



Finely add two black dots to finish the eyes and apply a top coat and your done!


Tada That was My Pac-Man Nail Art

Hope you enjoyed!

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

P.S. Just a heads up im looking forward to designing some more Gamer/Geeky themed Nail art and im experimenting with a new technique I have seen so untill then xx




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