January Favourites

Hey Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and welcome back to another Monthly Favourites post.


Favourite Meme



I don’t really know why I put this in but I did, So enjoy 😉



Favourite TV Show / Movie

Shortland Street


Here in NZ we have a Soap Opera called Shortland Street and I’m addicted to it!

This month it just started up again after its Christmas break and it was so awesome and kinda sad.

Its kind of like the New Zealand equivalent to England’s Coronation Street( Which I also love ) and Australia’s Neighbours or Home and Away ( Which I again, also love 😉 )

Can Wait till the next episode


Favourite Book / Book Series

Agatha Christie

imagesA4KS5N3Q  untitled

This Month my Grandma Sent me some of her Agatha Christie books to read because I really love mystery novels, She sent down I think 50 or so books and currently im on the 3rd book 😉 .

I’m not really reading them in order so the one I just finished is Third Girl and I love the books so much, I really love they way the characters talk and the way Hercule Poirot thinks and solves the mysteries.

The first book I chose to read was Hercule Poirot’s Christmas and I choose it because it was still the festive season and I really loved that one 🙂


Favourite Video Game / Game

Sherlock Holmes-221b Baker Street


Although im still addicted to the Sims 4 which i got for Christmas, I got this Board Game at The Warehouse ( its like the NZs version of Target ) with a voucher I got for Christmas and I love it.

My Family really like playing this game too because you get a mystery story to read then you go around the board looking for clues to solve the mystery and I think its super cool.

It is probably my favourite Board game which is saying a lot because I have like 20-30 board games and if you like mystery you should definitely buy it 😉


Favourite Song/Band/Album

Taylor Swift-1989

download (8)

My Dad got me the deluxe version of Taylor Swifts Album 1989 for Christmas and I really love it.

Taylor Swift is my favourite female singer and I really love all her songs I think I have all of her albums except her very first one 😉

Although i do think her past songs where she was more “country” were ALOT better than her new 80’s style.


Favourite Nail Polish

O.P.I – Your such a BudaPest

download (7)

I really love this color this month, It’s like a pastel lilac and anything Pastel im in love with.

It dries pretty fast too which is really great.

My only con is that it’s a thin color so you need a couple of coats but aside from that it might be up in my top 5 nail polishes 🙂


Well That was my first monthly favourites post for 2015 I hope you enjoyed it.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Holla at me ;-)

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