Miniature Nachos

Hey Guys

Mini Nachos

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today I’m going to show you another of my hobbies ……. making miniatures!

Today im going to be making miniature Nacho’s, That is its the theatre style Nacho’s with Cheese Sauce.

So without further ado let’s get started.

What you will need

What You Will Need Mini Nachos

  • Grid Paper
  • Cardboard ( You can use any colour you want but im using Red )
  • White Polymer Clay ( I’m using Du-kit  White )
  • Yellow Polymer Clay ( I’m using Du-kit Yellow )
  • Tan or Flesh Polymer Clay ( I’m using Du-kit Flesh )
  • Cracked Pepper or Black/Brown Seeds ( I’m using Flax seeds )
  • Hot Glue and Clear Glue Stick
  • Soft Pastels
  • Craft Knives
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Yellow Nail Polish ( I’m using Yellow by T.B.N but any Yellow/Orange Cheesy Colour will do 😉 )
  • Sand Paper
  • Small Rolling Pin ( You can find ones specifically for clay online )
  • Non-Stick Paper or Board ( To roll and Make clay on )

The Box

Start with your grid paper and trace a Pattern that looks like this

>                    SDC12164

Cut it out and crease where the line are, You should be able to see how it goes together , Then use it to trace over your cardboard and cut that one out and crease where the lines are.

Using the hot glue gun, Glue the corners together with the “triangle” Shapes getting glued to the inside of the box.

This is what it should look like after glueing >  SDC12174

Next put a square of white clay around the same size of the box but half the height of the box inside and using a dotting tool squish it down inside the box, I put the clay inside so it fills up most of the box otherwise the box wont look as full at the end.

The Chips

First Mix the Flesh Clay with a small bit of yellow clay and roll it out to gradually incorporate the color until you get a color that is a kind of light yellow/tan.

Then if you are using Seeds like me, Chop them up a little they don’t need to be finely chopped just roughly to make them look like the seeds of a tortilla chip.

Then Roll the Light Yellow clay into the seeds and slowly incorporate them its ok if some of the seeds still show that just leads to the realistic appearance, Once they are incorporate roll the clay into a quite flat strip, Rub over the clay with sandpaper to give texture.

Then Brush over some Light and Dark Brown Pastels to make them look like they have been baked, Next cut into about 1/2 cm tall strips and cut that into triangles ( They don’t have to be perfect real chips aren’t 😉 )

It’s Good to have different sized ones too because you can use the bigger ones to take up most of the space and the smaller ones to fill up any gaps that you might see the clay underneath trough.


Brush over the white clay in the box with the pastels to make it less visible and with a small dotting tool pick up the chips and place in the box,, Try to cover up any visible marks or glue inside the box.

Keep Layering the Chips to make a 3D Effect and Make some singular chips too, Then bake according to your clay instructions ( They Paper shouldnt burn, Mine didn’t but just keep an eye on it 😉 )

” Cheese Sauce “

Allow to fully cool after baking,  Then with your Yellow nail polish add some cheese sauce to the chips in the box you don’t have to be extremely tidy with it just make it look like some one has poured cheese sauce over them

Then paint some on to the tips of the singular chips to make them look dipped, you may want to do 2 coats to increase the opacity or not its up too you 🙂

Once they are dry your done !

PicMonkey Collage 3

Tip: I made some others too One with Chives, One with Bacon and One with Olives and Green Peppers but you can add what ever you want 🙂

P.S. I don’t know if these are exactly to scale but it’s just a hobby I like to do so I don’t really mind but they turn out altogether 2cms tall and 3cms wide 😉


I Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to make more of these tutorials in the future.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Holla at me ;-)

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