2015 Goals

Hey Guys

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Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today im telling you some of my 2015 Goals and at the end of the year I will revisit these goals and see if I have completed them ( which most likely I wont have completed them all lolz 😉 )

1. Learn How To Play Guitar – I Have always wanted to play guitar properly and I do have a guitar and used to be able to play some songs on the guitar so this year I will try to learn how to play the guitar properly.

2. Dye my hair Ombre – My Natural Hair colour is Dark Brown but currently I have Blonde Highlights through it and for my 14th Birthday in March I really want to dye my hair Ombre like this but in a more Caramel/Golden Shade.

>          download (6)

3. Volunteer at the SPCA – I really want to Volunteer at my local SPCA because I really love animals and would like to help out, My Younger Cousin Volunteers There so it would be a pretty cool thing to do this year.

4. Learn More Maori – I am Part Maori and Maori is the Native language of New Zealand and I do Know the Basics like Kai ( Food), Whanau ( Family ), Kia Ora ( Hello ) Maunga ( Mountain ) and other basic words but I would like to be able to speak it more fluently.

5. Write more and learn how to create better content – And lastly I would love to learn how to edit and Write better content for my Blog, Because I really like having to Edit and Do different things to put on this blog and like I said in my About Page this is my Creative Outlet aside from , Nail Art, Baking, Cooking, Drawing, Painting, Scrap Booking , Knitting and more lolz I love anything Artsy and Crafty 😉


Well Those are my Top 5 Goals for 2015.

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Holla at me ;-)

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