Christmas Nail Art

Merry Christmas Guys !

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to be showing you a really cool “handful” of Christmas themed nail art perfect for Christmas time now this post is going to be a little longer as we are doing 10 different nail arts !

PicMonkey Collage

What you will need



  • Base coat & Top coat
  • Brown Nail Polish ( im using Milky Mocha by Polished London )
  • Red Nail Polish ( I’m using Tangtastic by Avon )
  • Red Glitter Nail Polish ( I’m using one that i dont know the brand name but it is called Dorothy 😉  )
  • Silver Nail Polish ( I’m using one from Avon )
  • Green Nail Polish ( im using Green from T.B.N )
  • White Nail Polish ( I’m using Pearl by Jordana )
  • Blue Nail Polish ( I’m using Blue from T.B.N)
  • White Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using White from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Green Glitter Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using Green Glitter from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Black Nail Polish Striper ( I’m using Black from L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Orange Glitter Nail Polish Striper ( im using Orange Glitter by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Gold Nail Polish ( I’m using Gold by L.A.COLORS Art Deco )
  • Make-Up Application Sponge
  • Dotting Tool or use a bent out bobby pin 😉

Start off by using a nail protector or base coat on all your nails then paint fingers 1,2.5.7 and 9 white, Finger 3 Tan, Finger 8 Green and Fingers 4,6 and 10 Red, Use 2-3 coats for a bold color .

1: Rudolph the red-nosed Rein


For this Nail Tutorial please check out my last post Reindeer Nail Art.

2: Ombre Snowflakes



Apply Blue Nail polish and Silver Nail polish to a Make-up Sponge and Quickly Dab over the nail than once dry apply a top coat and using a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover clean up around your nail.

Using a White Nail Striper make an astrix shape on your nail and with a ” dotting tool” add a dot with white to the end of each line if your nail is big enough add another Snowflake and finish it all off with a top coat.

3 : Ging

SDC11921er Bread Man


Dip your ” dotting tool ”  into white nail polish and make two small dots for frosting than with your White Striper add a curvy line along the bottom of the nail for extra frosting then when your “frosting” is dry add a small red dot to your first frosting dot then a small green dot to your other frosting dot and finish with a top coat.

4 : Christmas Jumper/ Swea



Even though its Summer here in NZ I couldn’t resist this cute Christmas Jumper Pattern 😉

With your White nail Brush make 4 lines in the center of your nail in a diamond shape and fill it in, Then add a line below and above the diamond.  Under the line below the diamond add some zig zags and above the top line add some small dots and finally finish with a top coat.

5 : Christmas Tree



Using the Green nail polish Paint two lines to make a triangle on your nail then fill it in when its dry go over with a green glitter for sparkle and finish with a rhinestone for the topper or use a dotting tool in Gold and finish with a top coat.

6: Santa’s Suit



Add a white strip straight down the middle and with your dotting tool and white polish make dots on the tip of your nail and pull downwards to make a fluffy look.

Once they have dried add two black lines and fill them in for the belt then using a gold striper use stippling motions to make a square outline in the middle of the belt for a belt buckle and finish with a top coat.

7 : Candy Cane



Start with a red striper and make a thin line diagonal line at the top of the nail then leave a gap and make a thicker stripe then leave a gap and make a thin stripe and so on, Then finish with a top coat.

8: Close up of a Tree With Ornament



Add two gold diagonal lines on your nail to make the Tinsel then with a dotter add a few red dots then a few Blue dots once they are dry finish with top coat.

9 : Christmas Lights



Add a curvy line with your black striper for the cord then with heaps of different coloured stripers just dab the tip on the cord to make the lights and finish with a top coat.

10 : Present



And finally the last one!

Make a straight line with the gold striper just on the outer side of the middle of your nail and just above the end of your nail make a horizontal line then with a tooth pick or stripper make loops on each side of where the two lines met and two small diagonal lines below where the lines met to make a bow and finish with a top coat.

Tada finally Finished 🙂

Merry Christmas

Till Next Time AGirlNamedEgypt xx

Holla at me ;-)

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