Cobweb Nail Art Tutorial

Yolo People of the internet

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to be doing a Tutorial for some spooky cool Cobweb Nails, These nails would be super cool for Halloween 🙂

Now First Grab your supplies, Because it’s not easy trying to find things with wet nails.

  • Black nail art polish that comes with a thin brush ( I’m using L.A.COLOURS Art Deco )
  • White nail art polish that comes with a thin brush ( I’m using L.A.COLOURS Art Deco,  Not Pictured )
  • A “Halloween” Orange colour( I’m using Colour Orange by T.B.N )
  • Black nail polish ( I’m using AVON Speeddry+ Smoke & Mirrors )
  • Base coat or Nail protector ( I’m using AVON nail experts Strong results )
  • If you have old nail polish, Nail Polish Remover ( I’m using L.A.COLOURS Nail Polish Remover Pads )

First Remove any old nail polish.

Then I use a Base Coat or Nail strengthener to protect my nails.

Then Paint one Nail Orange the next Black and continue in that order, But make sure the other hand matches so Orange on Orange and Black on Black, I usually do 2-3 coats each to make sure its a bright colour.

What I like to do before trying new patterns is try it on a piece of paper instead of wrecking your nails trying to perfect it, try it on paper first if it looks good then do it on your nails.

After your Nails dry you can start with the cobweb pattern, You can do cobwebs on every finger but im going to just do one on my thumb and two spiders on the other orange nails.

Start by drawing 3-4 lines starting from the corner of your finger, Then draw kinda-like small wavy lines connecting the first lines, do about 3 rows.  For the spider draw a very thin line from the top of your nail to half way for the web he is hanging from then draw a medium dot for the spiders body then 6 legs, when its dry put two white dots on the body for eyes.

After it’s all dried seal with a top coat.

I think I would be really cool for Halloween and I think It turned out really well.

Till next time AGirlNamedEgypt

P.S Sorry for the foggy picture quality.

P.P.S Hey guys because this post is a little late on sunday the 2nd it will still be the Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe but on

wendsday the 5th it will be the sugar skull nail art tutorial.

Holla at me ;-)

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