Nail Striping Tape Nail Art and Review

Hi Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and welcome to my first official post!!

Today im going to show you how to do some cool nail art with Nail Stripping Tape and im doing a review for the Nail Tape as this is the first time I have ever used Nail Stripping Tape, I recently brought it on holiday.

So First things First Gather your Supplies

  • Nail Stripping Tape( I’m using metallic, It doesn’t say the brand of nail tape  )
  • Nail Polish Any Colours ( I’m using Avon Speed-Dry  Smoke & Mirrors and a Hot Pink )
  • Nail strengthener or Base Coat ( I’m using Avon Strong Results )
  • Nail Scissors  ( To cut nail tape to size )
  • If you have old nail polish on then you will need some nail polish remover ( I’m using L.A. COLORS Nail polish remover Pads)

First Remove any old nail polish.

Then I use a Nail strengthener or Base Coat to protect your nails.

Then im going to do one nail Black then the next Pink then continue on in that pattern, But you could use any colour in any pattern, I like to do 2-3 coats each to make sure its a bold colour.

When it’s all dry then we can start with the Nail Stripping Tape, Now the packet said it was metallic and came with Silver, Fuchsia & Gold but instead I found no Gold but a Magenta in its place which kinda sucks as I was looking forward to the Gold, But  nether less we must go on im going to be using the silver  but you can use any colours you like.

Now the Directions Said Snip small sections about 1-2cm of the stripping tape off the roll, Place the tape in your pattern of choice and make sure it’s smoothed completely down, If you wish to  keep the tape on for its effect ( Which I did ) Snip off excess tape that overhang, then seal with a top coat.

If you wish to use the tape as a stencil only,  paint another colour of choice over the entire nail including the tape and whilst still wet remove tape to reveal your two-tone design.

Now at first it was super hard trying to un-roll the tape and stick it on the nail but I have to admit it  looks pretty good, Though I personally though it was much easier keeping the tape on the roll and just pulling it on the nail , then cutting, Though I don’t think it would last long and it would probably get caught on a lot of things.

I would probably rate it 7/10 for the Nail Stripping Tape 🙂

Well That was my first official post I hope you enjoy it


P.S. For future reference I will try to post on Wednesdays and Sundays as those are my least busiest days of the week, Till Next Time See ya.

P.P.S I apologise for not the best quality pictures my camera is quite old.

Holla at me ;-)

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